Nala Leopard Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Nala Leopard Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Nov 02, 2023

Unleash your wild side in your bedroom with our safari inspired Nala Leopard Quilt Cover Set. In this video, we introduce two styles of this Quilt Cover Set!

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Styling Our Nala Leopard Quilt Cover Set

The tropical Nala Leopard quilt cover set is a bold quilt cover that features a collection of animal print motifs. We recorded this live on October 19th...

The video was uploaded on 01/11/2023.

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The video lasts for 8 minutes and 53 seconds.

Exploring the Nala Leopard Quilt Cover Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

All right, now we've got a fun, cool cover. This one is the polarizing, potentially one of the more wilder covers we got. Yeah, we've got this season, so it'll be good to get your reactions. You're going to love it, you've got to hate it. Yeah, yeah, this one's really, really out there. It's very manic. Some people might like it. We're hyping this up and everyone, we are hyping it up. Maybe we shouldn't be saying anything. All right, let's go over and have a look, the big reveal. All right, this is called the Nala leopard. It's very exotic.

I'll show you the pillowcase, but it might not tell you all the story, but we'll see how we go. It's obviously got big flowers and big blooms, but it's got all sorts of animal prints hidden inside it. Like there's a tiger, there's zebra, leopard spots, and you can't see it on this one, there's no border in the back, it's just a pink animal print on the back. But what there is that I noticed a lot of is all in the back. You can see it here, there's a snake pattern, snake print. It's like snake skin. Yeah, I see it, it's like a massive big anaconda underneath all of the other stuff on top. That's, you can see it all in between, mainly around the edges. Anyway, yeah, in the orange part, yeah. And obviously, we can't forget to mention the big motif in the middle, there's a big leopard in the middle there. So yeah, it's got a lot going on. We had a couple of comments here, Jen said, "Wow," Charlie said, "That's interesting for sure," and then we had Jenny and Carrie say that she loves it. Carrie says that she love, love, loves it. So, might be the one for Carrie. This is probably a bit of his and hers styling, this quilt cover, as well. There's plenty of floral and there's a bit of animal.

I don't know if I'd want it on my bed, but yeah. But I sort of showed you the animal printing night, the euros, are just the same as the reverse. This does come in queen, king, and super king, and obviously, it's got euros available as well. We did also have Leanne say it's too busy, not for her at all. Jen said, "Yeah, no," Karen said, "Yeah, no," Le said, "No, sorry," mentioned snakes and I'm out, I'd be too scared to go to sleep. Well, that said not for her. Carrie said, "I'm a loud woman and I need loud bedding." Oh, that's funny, yeah, the mention of snakes, Leanne, I think you might have said that. Did you? Yeah, Leanne's out. This is a Florida blossom we're going to just put something on this quilt cover, so we'll put a pink to draw some of the pinks out, but you sort of got to celebrate the craziness or not add to it, put it that way. So, we thought we'll put just something that's our first with the euros, and we'll call that done. Then the second one, I like the second one. We try our black style, it's the second design, style on this. Yep, so let us know if you like that first style, even if you really like this quilt cover, it'd be good to get your thoughts on the styles. We did have Charlie say, "Maybe you could put a white throw on the cover to maybe break it up a little bit."

Right, you could, yeah, we might look at that after this style, yeah, we could. It would break it up, but yeah, it's busy, everything's busy, yeah. This is a vivid black euro, velvet, so we're going to put some black stuff in it, just maybe man it up even a bit more. Yep, we did have Carrie say that her snags would fit in that chaotic-ness perfectly laying on the bed, they'd get lost and then become snake food. Like the dogs wrapped up in the blankets, the little pastries, like almost like a sausage, yeah, I know what you're saying, that'd be funny. And then Jen said that she has enough cats on her bed already, so she doesn't need more, no more cat, there's a few cats on, yeah, yeah. All right, this is the Amelia black, it's the feather fill Amelia, same family as the burgundy one, but it's black, nice. And we've got, whoops, put it on the bed already, yeah. And this is the tempo black, we've featured this a bit the last couple of weeks too, it is a velvet, but it's not actually as plush as the Vivid is, it's just lower pile, um, with a big button in the middle. So, would you say it's, I could be completely wrong, would you say it's like similar to suede, could have that feeling, it can have that feeling, but I wouldn't call it suede, this is a bit velvet, yep.

But yeah, so I'm not sure if you can see the differentiation between the blacks there in the camera, but anyway, so that's our second look with just some black pulling out a lot of this black in the motif and yep, let us know if you like this black style. Yeah, um, yeah, it's still sort of all focused on the craziness, yeah, yeah. Now, if we had that white throw, we can just even just toss that on here now. Yep, Carrie said that she loves the black. Karen said that she likes all the black, it looks good, it kind of dials down the brightness of everything else which, yep, I agree. And that white throw doesn't look too bad, I don't think it's not a disaster. I was thinking we don't have a black throw, I was thinking black might even work, but it might be a bit too heavy too. But yeah, the black, I suppose, complements this panel around the edge. I don't think that's Greek, a Greek key pattern, but it's very close, very similar. Yeah, so yeah, cool. All right, it's kind of a you like it or you don't cover, very polarizing, but you know if you're if you're if you like the animal, the leopard print, those sort of things, yeah, it's probably yours. Yeah, and that's what we like to do. Like we have, I looked at it today, we have over a thousand different quilt covers, really, different designs, not different design, like all across different sizes, different designs, all that stuff. It's a crazy amount of quilt covers to choose from. So, you know, we have stuff like this for people that really want something, you know, big and bold and wild, yeah. So, it's good everyone's got little different tastes, so it's all and we obviously try to accommodate, yeah.