Parker Blue Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Parker Blue Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Oct 25, 2023

Refresh your bedroom with our masculine Parker Blue Quilt Cover Set. In this video, we introduce two styles of this Quilt Cover Set!

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Styling Our Parker Blue Quilt Cover Set

The masculine Parker Blue quilt cover set is a bold striped quilt cover that features a collection of blue tones married with greys. We recorded this live on October 12th...

The video was uploaded on 24/10/2023.

You can view the video here.

The video lasts for 8 minutes and 44 seconds.

Exploring the Parker Blue Quilt Cover Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

Let's go and have a look at the Parker blue. Yep, all right. So, this is called the Parker blue, and we've, um, this is it's velvet, uh, not on the back, it's just plain wide on the back, cotton polyester. The front is a polyester velvet. It's got, uh, there's three panels. Um, so it's not really a strip, but although the coil cover, you could say it's stri, but it's panels. There's three panels, and the panels are joined together with like a double Stitch Jo join between the panels, and there's a Navy, a sort of a sky blue, and then this is that colour that I said could be debatable that we were, I sort of talking with Jen. Um, this colour is a debate.

I could see a bit of tan brownie colours in there, but Michelle Deb and said no, no, no, it's grey. It's definitely grey. But I think it depends on your own eyes and maybe a monitor as well. So um, interesting, interesting with colours. Um, they can be slightly, you can pull different things out. So this comes in queen, king, and Super King, and there are Euros as well. And we're going to put the Euros in and Styling this Quilt Cover. They're, they're a bit interesting because they one side's all plane Navy, and the other side is that grey-beige colour depending on how you see things. And it's got a really small, small little flange around the edge. So not velvet, this is Velvet both sides whereas the quilt cover and the pillow cases were not that was a plain polyester material on the back, a cotton polyester, sorry.

So, so we pop the Navy, and then I think this is the Amelia burgundy we're going to put a bit of Pop a bright red. This is Velvet again. So we're really having a celebration of velvet here. And we're going to put in a beige or brown sort of cushion and this is Velvet too. And it's, uh, this is just a velvet Armond colour and it's, uh, this is the feather field, same with the familiar actually, but um, they come from different families but very similar, um, but this one is the brown so that'll sort of bring the brown tones out of the silver. I'm not sure if you can see that exactly, but um, actually in the monitor here it looks like it's more silver but um, and we're going to put the tempo round cushion. I we've seen this I think last week I brought this one out. It's a velvet pleated um, it's got a button in the centre. I'm not sure if you can see that button anyway, um, I think you can, yep, there's um, so that's it.

We're not going to put throw on this one, so that's the first story. I suppose you could say it's brown it's bringing it hopefully it's pulling up the it looks silver in the monitor yeah it looks silver in real life to me too does it yeah yeah you got your glasses on oh yeah maybe have you got the blue light filters on them yeah that's why maybe but I can't see it without with my glasses off either it doesn't make much difference still looks Brown um but you know can't see much anyway when the glasses aren't there yeah yeah cool so let us know if you like this style yep um yeah um we did try our Mustard style have two comments we did have one I think it was from Brooke she said that this would actually be a good winter design it probably is yeah yeah yeah um which is a great idea.

We also had Odette say that she would probably pair a mustard colouring with this cool cover a mustard yeah maybe did you want to just grab some I know we've got some mustard cushions on set that's a mustardy colour yep we've got this is gold gold but it's sort of musty um this is the Marlon gold I think Marlon gold um it's that's all right it might have something in there yeah and I think I like that no this might destroy it but yeah everyone's shaking their head at the moment I don't think that's bad I think that's right Mary what do you think? I don't mind it yeah yeah I don't know I don't think they Clash or anything like I think they go well I just don't know enough maybe maybe the throw right off.

Leanne said that this one looks okay Odette said that yeah now they're too bright um and Brook said that she likes it so it's probably a bit more of a polarizing design I reckon yeah yeah you either like it or you don't yep I like the comment about winter probably is a a good winter one especially being velvet can be a bit warmer I suppose at least um if it's not warmer it gives you the sense that it's warmer the feeling the idea yeah it's warmer we did have um yeah everyone's saying they either like it or they don't Karen said uh that it's great for a later teen male but she doesn't like the cushions in those brown red kind of colours but the mustards work well yeah okay yeah we' got another design so we maybe you like that one Look at our Blue Style it's more greyish oh yes what we're going to do though is turn the Euros around just while you're doing that.

We did also have Carrie say that the yellow would work good for a parameter eels fan she wanted to subtly support your thing yeah they didn't do so good this year though did they I don't know they weren't at the end anyway that's all that's all we watched um all right this is a um it's a grey and it's what's it called it's a linen linen silver with a flange frill around the edge so linen material and it's a fairly light grey it's it's not white it nearly looks white but it's not failed today first time eh this one's the clean blue um that's that teddy bear material nice it's a nice blue yep hey Amanda it's good to have you with us she said she's loving the colour combinations at the moment on this on this one yeah yep and here we got another grey with some tassels and um yeah this one's called the subie grey.

so just nice tassels on both ends it's just a bit of a long long cushion there and we'll that's it we're not going to put a throw on this one either yeah that's all right that's not too that yeah let us know if you like the style it's a bit more um same same celebrating all the colours on the bed as well just pulling them up into the cushions yeah yeah it's good yeah we had Amanda say uh that she loves the blues um and she said no I'm not a New South Wales supporter for the state of origin uh Carrie said that that um the bottom one with all the tassels is a nice snag toy for a little sausage dog yeah yeah um Brook said that this is her favourite style Odette said that she likes this style Tracy said she likes this second style better so I reckon this style wins out this wins out yeah this time yep yeah um and just so everyone knows if you're interested in having a look at any of these products shopping any of it grabbing it for yourself we do have a link up in the description um where you can shop everything that you've seen from the live and also in that same link is the tals tals for the giveaway too y yep so yeah Karen said she likes this one Jen said second is best yeah so I reckon everyone is in love with this silver blue style yep all right which is good so we'll go back to the table.