Peat Slate Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Peat Slate Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Jul 20, 2023

Presenting the Peat Slate Quilt Cover, adorned with exquisite medallions against a rich navy background. This video unveils two enchanting styles of the Peat Slate Quilt Cover, destined to transform your bedroom into a relaxing space. This Peat Slate Quilt Cover Set offers a stunning look for any master bedroom!

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Styling our Peat Slate Quilt Cover

The stunning blue Peat Slate quilt cover set is the perfect quilt cover for those looking to make a subtle statement! We recorded this live on July 6th...

The video was uploaded on 19/07/2023.

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The video lasts for 6 minutes and 57 seconds.

Exploring the Peat Slate Quilt Cover Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

So the first one is to Peat Slate, and it's not a printed one actually, and it's, it's a bit, it's embroidered, and it's got these large medallions, and they're embroidered on like a, it is a slightly Bluey colour. It's really slate, is probably what you would call it. Um, a base with a nice embroidered medallions, I think you'd call it. So really nice. The reverse is just white, but um, really nice.

Nice colours. The colours are really nice. So it's a cotton-polyester. It comes in queen, king, and Super King, and there are euros and a decorator cushion. The Euros, Styling the Geometric Quilt Cover, are the same or very similar. Slate, a background with a, an embroidered little sort of, it looks like a lace, but it's not, it's a, it's an embroidered pattern sort of in there in a striped sort of position.

So, these are the quilt covers that you can get as accessories with this. I'm not cool covers, the pillowcase. This is the Euros, and they, they're really different with the stripes. I suppose you can have it either way, horizontal or vertically. Um, it's really different with the circular, and then with the striped accessories.

And then there's the decorator cushion as well, it's just the same pattern. Nice, it's a polyester fill, so that's the, that's turned down. We had this turned down. You can turn the quilt cover down a bit as well just to reveal some of that white, just to give it a bit different look. One thing is, uh, to note on this quilt cover is that the reverse is just a plain white.

Um, some people find that a bit, they were expecting maybe the blue to continue, but I think the white on the reverse makes for a good break up. There, the white just, yeah, it looks good from the Top Shot. So, yeah, anyway, we've got a throw that we're going to put on here as well, the Johnson denim, just to finish the blue off. We, um, we also had while you're doing that, Tracy, say, does this one come in different colours?

Unfortunately, it doesn't come in, yeah, no, that's this look, this is just it. And so there's the Johnson denim throw. Do you want to see that? I can show you, it's a nice knitted, knitted Johnson that we've seen before, yeah, nice heavy, nice, nice Lounge cuddling throw, this one, snuggling like it's nice and warm and easy, it's substantial. It's not like a thin, yeah, yeah, it's reasonably weighty and yeah, reasonable size.

So, that's the first look, the blue on The Plea Peat Slate. So, we'll have a look next at the, we're going to put add white to it, so we'll take all these bits off, yeah, let us know if you like that blue style. We did have, uh, Jen say oddly the stripes work well, um, which yeah, I think they do.

And Tracy says that this one's nice, and we also had Linda, hello Linda, uh, we try our White style. Lovely to have a hiatus, hi Linda, great to have you with us. She said it looks great. We had Sharon, hey Sharon, good to have you here as well, uh, Sharon said that she loves this one as well, so we'll see what the white style has for us. I think we were folding the quilt cover back on this one because it was the white brings a bit more, a bit of freshness into it, it lightens it up.

I'll just show you those, these are the, this is the Ascot white range with that waffle, really nice waffle. I really like this waffle. I say that every time. Um, they've got a border like a flange around the edge. This is a square cushion, the Euros are the same, they're just a bit bigger, yeah, we should. So this really brings it a bit of, well, it lightens it heaps.

This is the Oslo snow throw. Whoops, um, this is, this is really nice. So I'm liking this Oslo snow through, yeah, we had 10 comments saying a very brave person with the white, yeah, especially if you've got pets and whatnot, it's, uh, yeah, yeah, so it's, it does, it does look a bit Stark, but it does lighten it and freshen it a bit with the white, yeah, and if you've got a very bright room and you want to continue that on, um, with your cool cover, yeah, the accessories in the decor, that it's a good style for that, yeah, yeah, it can help, yep, so let us know if you like the white or the blue style more.

Mary, what's your thoughts? Which one do you like better? [Laughter] you got to pick one, I might like the white one better actually, yeah, okay, yeah, it's very fresh, it is, it is fresh, yeah, we had Charlie, hey Charlie, she said that the white softens it as well, so yeah, yeah, is the actual medallions a white colour or are they cream.

I nearly said it was cream when I had it, it's more like an off-white, it showing it looks like an off-white but it might be, it might even be a greyish tones but it might be because of the Slate base, it's bringing the, um, you know you can't sort of see it because of the Slate base, it's making the threads darker like a bit of a, yeah, not just stark white but yeah because when you put it against, the Ascot because the Ascot's really Stark, yeah, uh, it does look grey, yeah, on the on the cover, yeah, we did have Tracy say that she thinks she likes the blue more, I think I'm more of a blue person with this one, I think I like the blue, yeah, sorry, the blue one was, the blue one is largely, uh, the stock photo Right image as well, except for the throw, and I know we just had the decorator cushion in there, so it was just to throw added extra, so, but it worked really well, that blue just works too good, so yeah, and also hello Bridget, it's good to have you with us tonight.