Reilly Atlantic Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Reilly Atlantic Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Jun 15, 2023

Are you in search of the perfect blue quilt cover set to elevate your bedding arrangements? This might be the perfect quilt cover for you! In this blog, we present two exquisite styles of the Reilly Atlantic Quilt Cover Set that will instantly transform your bedroom into a refreshing haven. Whether you lean towards a serene ocean-inspired design or a classic coastal theme, we have the ideal options for you with our Reilly Atlantic Blue Quilt Cover Set!

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Styling our Reilly Atlantic Quilt Cover

This stunning quilt cover is perfect for those looking for a plain blue quilt cover! We recorded this live on June 1st...

The video was uploaded on 14/06/2023.

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Exploring the Reilly Atlantic Quilt Cover Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

All right, we've got the last quilt cover is the Riley Atlantic. But what? What we'll do is I'll take the pillow case and we'll look at that. Well, Michelle just changes the bed, so this is a blue colour. It looks a bit like denim, and that's because it is a chambray. And what chambray is, is it's two threads, obviously, that they're woven across each other.

One is white, and one is blue, and that's what gets you this chambray sort of look. And that's how your jeans are made as well. But this is obviously a lot softer than your jeans, but it's that sort of chambray is what it is. So, it gives you a sort of a nice different sort of a book, but this is nice and soft, so it's not. It's got this, this particular one's got a little bit of a hem on your jeans. Whoops, too high. So, a little bit of a hem around the edge, yeah, and, yeah, same on both sides.

It's got the chambray sort of material, so quite nice. So, would it be fair to say that this is like for a solid covered, a solid coloured quilt cover? It's quite high quality. It's a nice one because of that chambray. Yeah, it is. Yeah, it looks, in person, it looks like it's nice. It is really soft. So, yeah. I did read actually this morning that supposedly it's supposed to feel like your favourite t-shirt. Is it kind of like that kind of cotton, or no? No, no. That would be Jersey. This is not. It's not that's Jersey t-shirt. It's a jersey. Yeah, yeah.

It's pretty much the same material, same feeling as cotton, but it's just got the different colour threads gives you that chambray sort of appearance. Sort of look. That's pretty much all it is. It is 100% cotton as well. So, and this one comes in double, queen, king. I think it's sold out. I think. Yeah, I think Super King's gone. All right. That's all you can, if you're interested in this one, you can shop the link in the description. But yeah, we're selling out. So, all right.

So, here we've got Styling the Blue Quilt Cover. The Nara range, the Nara blue stone. This is just the Euro. This is bamboo material and really nice. And I think, so we're going to do two, two sort of colour colours here. A blue way and bring in these light colours. It's really a celebration of blue here tonight of this one. And we've got one more cushion, that Eden. This one's looking nice so far. And that's, I think we featured a lot of these in a cover last week as well, but that's the blue.

I think we featured the Avoca that long cushion and the throw last week, if I'm not mistaken. I think, yeah, that square cushion was too, I think because we had that, it was on the cocoa. Yeah, so it had those palm prompts on it. So anyway, that's the blue way and we'll have a look at a white. This is the Ascot white. Now, we're trying some white accessories going to put in here. So yeah, okay, we had a lot of people liking this blue.

We had Hannah saying that this one looks so cosy. I love the light blue warming it up. And then we had Jody say love, love, love this Blue. By far my favourite one I've seen on the lights. So oh well, saying a lot because we've had quite a few lives now, yeah, been quite a few cool covers. We had Karen say she likes the black one better. So Karen, for everyone that is, wasn't here at the beginning of the live, came an hour giveaway last week, and she asked us to have a look at some of the more masculine quilt covers that we've got for her son.

And so, the first quilt cover that we featured was a nice black quilt cover. And now this one is a more Navy quilt cover, and she said that she likes the black one better. So okay, there you go. Yeah, yeah, we're bringing whites now, so this is not sort of really taken away from the feminine. We're softening that masculine sort of look up. So this is that Oslo snow throw that we have seen before with the Ascot whites. And we've left the Eden in there as well. So yeah, there's the white version. Karen says that she likes this one with the white.

Yeah, yeah, the white makes it more unisex as well. It's not as masculine. Yeah, yeah. It softens it down here. It's almost like one of those, there's some cool covers that are good as for like your main bedroom and there's some cool covers that are good for like guest room. This is a guest room. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's not the master, yeah. Centre, uh, we had Jody say that she loves it with the white also. And we did have Tracy ask just a little bit before, so sorry I haven't gotten to earlier.

Tracy looking at our Australian Themed Quilt Covers, she said, do we have any more Australian themed quilt covers? Australian themes, yeah. Off the top of my head, we've only got, we have one called the Australiana. Yeah, I think that's still there. I can pull it up. We don't have like kangaroos and Aussie go what's the Aussie Aussie Aussie yellow and green quilt covers, but we do have, yeah, yeah. We do have this one if we flick to it now. It's got nice.

That is what all right, no, your proteas or gum nuts, those little round ones are gum nuts, that's it. Yeah, that's a nice. It features Australian Botanicals. This would be yeah, yeah, um, so the only Australian themed quilt covers that we really have are probably the Australian floral-inspired range. The more floral, floral animal, yeah, yeah. Uh, I do have something, we had like a Rosella or something on there was one that we did a few weeks ago, was it the Briella?

Yep, that rings a bell. Let's pull that one up, eh? Yeah, so if we flick to that now, we've got the cushion that has like a print of some birds and then we've got the quilt cover and yeah, that does if we look at that a bit closer, right, yeah, right.

Rosellas in there, yeah, some of them are Australian or Australiana kind of theme but they're fairly subtle, yeah, like that first one that you showed is what it's called Australiana, but it's and it's a bit more obvious that it's Australian but whereas the Briella is not quite as, no. If you're scrolling through the website, you might not notice it even, yeah, yeah, until you get get closer, yeah, so hopefully that answers your question, but Tracy just have a flick through some of the quilt covers in your size.

There's a lot of them, so you might spend a while there, but if we could have a look and if we find something else, we could feature it in the show. Yeah, do it, do it. We'll make a note of it and see if we can find because I think we've done the Australiana not that long ago. Yeah, okay. Um, but hey, we can do it again. Yeah, yeah, there's no harm with that.

Cool. It's a shame that Australia Day isn't halfway through the year or something because you could do an Australia Day themed. Yeah, yeah, sure, but yeah, sounds good.