Reilly Stripe Dust Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Reilly Stripe Dust Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Sep 16, 2023

Elevate your bedroom decor with the Reilly Stripe Dust Quilt Cover Set, a quilt cover set that combines the cherished comfort of your favourite lived-in shirt with a touch of timeless elegance. Our styling session takes you on a journey of style, offering two distinct ways to transform your bedroom with this lovely quilt cover set!

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Styling Our Reilly Stripe Dust Quilt Cover Set

The stunning Reilly Stripe Dust quilt cover set is a great option for those who love striped quilt covers! We recorded this live on August 10th...

The video was uploaded on 15/09/2023.

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The video lasts for 8 minutes and 29 seconds.

Exploring the Reilly Stripe Quilt Cover Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

This one is the Riley Stripe Dust. It's, as the name suggests, striped. It's got, it's got. It's a, you could nearly call it pinstripes. They're a bit wider than probably that, but it's just a beige and white striped design. It's exactly the same front and back. And this is organic cotton as well, so it's the same organic cotton. It's nice and soft, and yeah, not much of a flange around there, just small, so it's a pretty simple sort of design. But um, so that's how you get out of the packet. We've got it in queen and king, and let's see what magic we can make here.

Yep, this one actually would do well with some of those cotton blankets that that grey in the um, the browner one. Yeah, the brown, the beige one might, it would probably match that colour. It's cool, yeah. Styling this Quilt Cover. Um, all right. So this is the first Euro we're going to put on. We're going to put the Taniya. This is the Tania. It's got it's an olive, olive colour with it printed leaves. Oops, I put that around the wrong ways. Careful, I was trying to be but still put it around the wrong way. And this one is the the Tully Moss. We've seen this a little bit over the time. It's an olivey, uh, might be, yeah. I suppose it's a dark olive green with some tassels or in the middle plane on the back. It's an interesting nice striped cushion.

This one's a different one, same similar green colours, and it's called the Gilbert Olive. And just got some geometric sort of pattern. That's what it's woven, it's embroidered. These white sections are embroidered in there. So, and it's sort of a hash any base. It's, it's, um, a bit coarser material. The back's just plain, so, but really, really good colours. It's put those Olive colours are really, really good on this um, stripe. And we're going to use the Oslo Snow Throw. We've seen this before. And um, yeah, nice tassels on the end. Whoops. Um, yeah, we'll chuck that on there. Better. Yeah, we didn't have an olive throw for this one.

So we, we just put the white on, and yeah. So let us know what you think. I, I don't mind this one. I think it's quite nice. Yeah, the, the um, the greens and the beige work really well. It's a bit hard on the cameras to see the stripes because it is so close. So they're fine, yeah, yeah, but they in real life, you can definitely see the stripes. It's, um, yeah, it's quite a nice design. We had Amanda say that she loves the textures of the Euro and the other cushions. Um, which is nice. The Tracy said that this one looks really nice. Leanne says she likes it. Karen says she likes it. Tracy says, uh, that she might try a different throw. Um, which, yeah, if we had, if we had an olive throw close to these colours, it would have probably been been a bit bit better, but we just didn't have one, yeah. Yep. Uh, Rachel said nice. Very neutral.

Charlie says, I like that, but I think a more coloured throw. I would probably add a bit more of a pop of colour, which I agree. Does Shane said nice neutral tonings. Uh, yeah, Bridget said that this one would be better with olives, would like with a different throw. Amanda said, and Jody said that this one is neutral and great for a spare room, which yeah, I would agree, yeah. Yep. It's good, yeah. All right. We'll have a look at the last design. Um, it's the last one. This one's a little bit different. We try our Beige style.

This one's going to be a little bit but more beige. This one's the Elysian Pebble Euro. It's slightly it's got a little bit of a soft, it's soft. Um, sort of texture going on and the plane, the back is just a plain, same colour, but um, very beigey. Nice, soft, earthy colours. Pretty good. If you're a fan of beiges, this, this design is going to be quite for you, this style. This is the Yasmine Nude. We've, we've featured this one a little bit lately. Hashing back velvet on the front. It's um, a nice long cushion. It's, it's showing up on the monitor here very yellow.

It's a bit more, it's a bit less yellow than it's sort of, you can see it, yeah. Um, this is the Amelia. No, it's not. It's velvet almond. It feels like the Amelia. Same Hessian back, feather-filled. Um, really nice colour. Now we're going to bring a few dots into this striped version now. This, this is a Mackenzie Vanilla. The in this Mackenzie range, actually, there's a few different colours, cushions, and throws, so, um, yeah. You'd have to just look on the website, but some of them are brighter than this, but anyway, different-coloured sort of polka dots, um, in a sort of a chenille, um, um, um, pattern material. It's got a frill on the edge to just sort of give it a bit more decoration there.

So, yeah, we'll put that one on, and like I said, we've got that same Mackenzie in a throw. It's exactly the same. It's got the tassels and the nice polka dots, so, and there's a second look. Let us know what you think. Did the polka dots fix that, or the this throws fix that, um, throw problem we had in the last color way. Did was this, um, is this make it better? Yeah, we've got, uh, yep, love the throw and the cushion throw is nice, yeah. It's all nice. That was amazing. So I think that this style probably wins. It's this, all the designs and styles tonight have been a uh, good winner. I think, yeah, they have. The reverse of the Mage was a little bit subtle, a bit more calmed down and subdued, but um, all the others, yeah, they were pretty good. I like them all pretty much, so very good.