Reine Lilac Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Reine Lilac Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Oct 23, 2023

Update your bedroom this spring with our stunning lilac coloured Reine Lilac Quilt Cover Set. In this video, we introduce two styles of this Quilt Cover!

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Styling Our Reine Lilac Quilt Cover Set

The beautiful Reine Lilac quilt cover set is a pink delight! This quilt cover features a lovely textured feel and is the perfect base for some cushions and throws. We recorded this live on October 12th...

The video was uploaded on 22/10/2023.

You can view the video here.

The video lasts for 7 minutes and 55 seconds.

Exploring the Reine Lilac Quilt Cover Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

Rain, it's spelled R-E-I-N-E. It's either Rain or Renee or something like that. I'm just not sure, so we'll call it the Rain Lilac. And this is it. It's just a very plain lilac colour, and it's um, it's a polyester. So if I can get, hopefully, the cameras are catching up with me. Y man, it is a night of technical difficulties. Re, I'll show you over here. Hopefully, you can see that it's a polyester on the front, and it's got little pleats sort of in between these diamond shapes that are stitched.

These are fed in stitches. They're not fake or heat things, they're they um three sort of rows of stitches, and it creates a diamond shape with a nice pleat and in the sort of rustic sort of a F look. But so it's lilac, it's got if you can really see closely, it's sort of a motley colour too. It's not um, it's not plain plane like the reverse is plain plane, and there's no and that's a polyester comp polyester on the back there, and it's got no border, so it's just like it's called a knife edge sort of finish around the around the edge of that. So that's basically the pattern. It comes in queen, king, and Super King, and it also um, the it also has Euros, but the euros and the Euros are the same styling this Quilt Cover design as the quilt cover. So it's got the diamond pattern on the texture sort of thing on the front, and the reverse is the same, so it's the same, same Quilt cover pillow everything's the the same sort of pattern. So it's very a very celebration of lilac.

So if you if you like purples, um, this is not really purple but it's close. So they were the they were the Euros I just put in there obviously, and we the first one we're going to do is the the the um the pink Arrangement. And this one is the Trento rosette. It's a square cushion with a bunch of sort of it's actually rows of um frills, tassels. They're not really tassels, it's sort of a, it's sort of a row of tassels, it's not one tassel. Um, the reverse is just plain. So we're going to put a bit of pinks with this first one, and this one's the NIMS rosette, uh, that's the 100% linen. It's got the flange. Um, yeah, 100% linen material on the cover on that one, and then we've got the Corally dusk that is along. We featured this last week, I think too. It's the, it's got a dust colour with white stitching dots, but then the reverse is the reverse, it's white with pink stitching dots. It's, it's pink but it's like a, the wrong word to say is dirty pink but because it's, it's like a dusty pink it's not bright pink, it's a bit, bit subtle, more subtle. So and the last thing we're going to do is a little bit, um, Michelle doesn't like this. This is the Oslo, um, throw, but it's the lilac one.

There's pinks and purples and lilacs, there's even like a bit of green in there, if you can see that. So it's the Lilac family. I mean, sorry, the Oslo family. We often feature the Oslo white throw, and um, yeah, so we thought we'd put this on. So it is a pink design, but this is this throw has got pinks and purples in it. So it's a sort of a combination of both, but it's pretty um, it's pretty busy throw. Um, so you, you could probably take or leave the throw, but it does, the colours look quite nice together. Um, so let us know what you think this um, throw is, uh, yeah, just let us know if you think the throw should stay or not. Yes, um, the and Par. It looks like we've resolved somewhat of our technical difficulties, your problems, yeah. Uh, uh, we had Jen McDonald say that this one's very pretty and sweet and girly, which yep, yep. Charlie said that this one would be nice for a teenage girl. Mhmm, yep.

Jen actually said that she likes this throw. I'm assuming she's talking about this one, the throw. Yeah, yeah. Um, Leanne also said she loves the throw, um, yeah, everyone's liking the throws. Joan also said that Denise said that this cool cover probably isn't for her, um, which is always totally fine, yeah, yeah. Um, and Tracy said hello, hello, Tracy, um, good to see you again. She said that it's looking nice, love that darker pink pillow, which I think is a Trent, probably this one, yeah, that's yeah, the Trento, yep, that's cool, yeah. All right, yeah, cool, let's get on to the second, sty second We try our simpler style one, we'll take all these off, and this one is the purple. We're going to bring celebrate purples a little bit on this one.

So we've got a, this is called the, um, AA multi, and it's a florally design. It's all stitched and like embroidered this gold embroider in here. It, it's not completely, it's velvet in the background here, it's not completely stitched, so they're stitched lines that are stitching but some of it's printed like, and there's just a couple of little panes here, stitching but then there's um's a bit of stitching in the middle of that flower, you might be able to see it, but then it's printed on the back on the Velvet. It's a really unique, really interesting, um, textured sort of cushion, so quite quite nice, um. It goes well on the Lilac with the nice big bright pop of purple, but all we're not going to do too much with this one, we're just going to put the Oslo snow throw on it with this one.

So with this is the all snow, so that's all we're going on to do for this one, so not not that exciting or not much very small minimalist, you could probably put a few more purple cushions in there maybe, but um, yeah, very simple. That's it for the styling. That's it for this one. Let us know in the comments if you like this style. Um, I did have a read through, sorry, read back through some of the comments that I missed, and we had Leanne, I believe it was, yeah, Leanne and Moore, say that tonight is her 38th, I think it was 38th wedding anniversary, 8, wow, that's a, that's good, yeah, brilliant job.

She said it was a great way to spend her wedding anniversary, is to watch the live stream, so I'm glad you enjoy it. That's really good, you must really enjoy them. It has been 38 years, though, uh, yeah, just joking, it's good 38 years is fantastic, you don't hear of that sort of stuff these These Days, yeah, it's pretty rare, yeah, so good job, well done, congratulations, yep, um, yeah, lean said that she's home alone, hobby is at work, which, yeah, okay, yeah, that's not the funnest, but it'll be good, yeah, you got the live stream, cool. All right, well if that was the last style, maybe that was the last of these, so we should, we'll go back to the table.