Rosalia Jade Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Rosalia Jade Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Aug 09, 2023

Presenting the Rosalia Jade Quilt Cover Set, a stunning design that features dainty floral arrangements. In this video, we introduce two unique variations of the Rosalia Quilt Cover Set, both to transform your bedroom into a tranquil space.

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Styling Our Rosalia Jade Quilt Cover Set

The stunning Rosalia Jade quilt cover set is a beautiful option for those who like floral quilt covers! We recorded this live on July 20th...

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Exploring the Rosalia Jade Quilt Cover Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

This is the Rosalia Jade. Um, it's a cotton sateen. No, it's actually cotton-polyester. It comes in double, queen, king, Super King, and there's a square cushion as well available. And it's just a floral with an olive sort of base, actually. The olive is reverse, just one plain colour on the back, no border, just pretty plain, but a nice sort of floral design printed. It's just printed, and it's cotton-polyester on the front and the back. I think we've got a winner here. Everyone's saying that this one's nice.

Yeah, and just so everyone knows, if you peel back the top of the quilt cover just a little bit, you can see the sage sheets underneath, which, yes, so it's a bit of a good pairing. So, yeah, that's the bed tease on that as well. So, yeah, it's why we put the green on here because it matches. So a nice sort of arrangement. So let's put some stuff in here. We've got, we've seen this before. This is the Sumatra Olive. It's a styling, the lovely quilt cover.

Velvet with a little bit of sewn geometric patterns in there. So we'll chuck them in the back. And this is, I'm just thinking about this now. This is a good, there's summer quilt covers, and then there's winter quilt covers. This is almost a good in-between between a nice summer design and a winter design, I would say. It, yeah, it probably is. Yeah, I could be wrong. I'm a guy.

This one is the Emily Emiliano. No, it's not. This one's the Nirvana. Um, yeah, Nirvana cushion. Polyester fill with a little white frill around the edge. Yep, so a little bit of character there, and that's the Nirvana. And then we've got the Emiliano. This one, I'm just checking the names. Yep, that's quick. So this is a really nice picture on here. It's really pretty. And this is actually velvet, so it's really, um, clever how they've made it so crisp.

The pictures on a velvet material. So yeah, yeah, it's really, um, really good bit of a Hessian sort of back, polyester fill. Um, so, and just reminding everyone, if you do like anything you see here tonight, we do have a link in the description, which if you're on the mobile, you can swipe, I think it's left or right, one of the two, and if you're on a laptop or a computer, it's up the top. So, all right, this one, this one's the Toro round cushion, and it's the, um, still watercolour.

So it's not grey, it's sort of a greenish grey. I'm not sure if the camera is picking that up real well, but it's got a sort of a greenish tension in it. So yeah, I'm looking at it on the cameras and I'm looking at it in real life, and it looks fairly accurate, I would say, on the counters. Yeah. All right, so that's that, and we're going to put a throw as well, the Johnson Silver. This is our knitted Johnson throw that we've seen, seen this in past weeks, but if you haven't seen the past weeks, that's the, this is a nice heavy, recently weighted, um, really nice couch throw.

But we're going to put it on the bed. It's been all weighty, it's not just a decorative, sorry, you could actually use it as a bit more of a blanket. Yeah, it, I think it is polyester. It's not, it's not like wool, but it is knitted. I'm, yeah, I'm pretty sure that's the case. So that's the, um, that's the first design, suppose you could call this the green design. There you go. So, so hopefully you like, yeah, it's, um, in the comments, they're very florally, but, um, not, it's different to what the, the picture on the website is, but it's, we sort of, I suppose, followed that theme a little bit with keeping the flowers in there. So, um, keeping it florally, sort of stuff in there. So we'll take it.

We had Bridget say that this one's lovely. Um, or, debt say that she loves all the different textures on the bed. Um, which is true, I think that it's an interesting thought when you're designing a bed and styling up a bed to also consider the textures because normally we talk about the colours and the design a bit more, but when you actually get to touch and feel, it's a bit of a different thing, isn't it? Well, you have it all. Yeah, the various textures, yeah, yeah, like the velvet, the wool, the knitted, and, um, yeah, we've got an interesting one coming that's textured.

This one's the Sumatra Square. I'll get back in the camera. This is a Sumatra square that we, it's the same as the Euros, but it's just the square that come in. That's in the same family. And then we've got the Roads. This is the Roads Pickle of all names, and we've seen Roads a bit before, but it's a, yeah, it's like a carpet weave. Um, but it's, it's quite well. Bring that back in the middle, but different. Um, Heights there of the weave. So very interesting. It looks very yellow on the screen, but it's a bit of a mustardy colour.

Um, it is called, it is a pickle, but yeah, maybe a bit further away from the camera, it'll get its, should a bit better. Yep. We did have, um, Odette say that she loves Euro colours. Kerry says, hello, hello, Kerry. Good to have you with us tonight. Anita said this one isn't to a taste. So cool. We like to hear the truth of it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Um, maybe you could tell us how you would style it, maybe, to, if you'd like it, or if you'd just flat out. That wouldn't touch it.

Uh, we had Angela. Hello, Angela. She said that she loves the throw. I believe she's talking about the Johnson, the one from before. Yep. Um, and Leanne also mentioned she loves euros. And Jen says that she's liking this yellow pop. So let's continue on with this yellow styling. Yep. Yeah. I don't mind the yellow one myself, actually. Um, this is called the Madelina Pickle. So, um, similar, so pickle, same colour as the, and this is the Madelina.

We usually throw a little bit and got some tassels on the end. A bit lighter weight than the knitted one, yeah, but still, um, probably the versatile enough to sort of use on the couch. Some things are so delicate, some throws are so delicate, you wouldn't wrap yourself up in them. Oh, the character, just for decoration. But these two tonight, so far, are definitely you could use it for both. So that's the, um, the yellow design, which, it, it. We try our Blue style.

All right, just in case you stop, everyone can hear you talking, and everyone sees your mouth with me. You can't hear you talking, yeah. All right, so this is the um velvet steel blue Euro, and there's um, I think, I think there's cushions with this as well, but I'm not sure. We're not putting that in tonight, but that's the. So we're going to put Blue in blue with the green, so it'll be. There are blue flowers on here, so hopefully it works the same as the the pickle with the yellows we did just on the pickle thing. Shane Tippett said, "333 Mustard Pickles..." and then Amanda said, "Love them, 333 pickles."

I have no idea what a 333 pickle is, it's a brand, it's a brand. Okay, cool, pickles in a jar, is in a jar. Okay, cool. They probably still have them, I'm just not with it. Yeah, because I'm Googling it now while we were. All right, this cushion, well Josh was looking at his meal tonight. I mean, we've got the Eden Eden steel cushion here, um, with some nice sort of palm fronds on that.

It's actually a pretty similar colour to the base of the um Euros on the behind here, so on the back. All right, I can confirm, I've looked up three, three or three threes pickles. I don't know if that looks the most appetizing. [Laughter] I like my pickles that are like green, not necessarily mushed up and yellow, but anyway, back to the show.

We do have um, Shane did say that they're great with beef on a sandwich, which is interesting. Um, Kerry said that three, three pickles are the best Mustard Pickle spread with cheese and ham, yeah, yeah, yeah. Um, yeah, okay, cool, and then Jenny said, "Want to see you next week with some three, threes pickles, Josh. I'm missing out." There you go, maybe I'll have to go, okay, try some, and I'll report back to everyone, how I go, but we'll see. All right, this blue throw that we're putting on here, it's the Madelina again. It's just a different colour in that, um, the same pickle range, but this is the steel blue car, so. I love how I'm getting so many recommendations for everyone.

Anita said, "Pickle and meatloaf toasty," and then Amanda said, "Josh, have it on a corned beef cheese sandwich." I haven't had corned beef so long, yeah. That's probably where I had those three trees with corned beef, yeah. Explain why. Fraction of Cedar Mills tonight, I guess, next week. So that's the blue design, uh, the one that we sort of didn't really know whether it worked or not. So, what do you think? Is it, um, is it a go or a no? We know what Anita will say, yeah. We did, we did have, uh, Odette say that she would love to see some Navy Euros with this one and maybe a Navy throw. I have a navy blue feature wall behind my bed.

Um, while I have a look at the rest of the comments, maybe we could have a look at some of the Navies. We've got, we've got to throw, yeah, that's I might give you a bit of an idea how the darker colour might work, yeah. It's it's not really, uh, it is close to Navy, isn't it really? Um, it's called denim, yeah, so everyone is saying, uh, well, it's actually a bit of a mixed bag. Um, Angela said that the steel blue looks okay, but not the palm fronds.

Leanne said that she's not a huge fan of the Blues. Shane says he likes it. Bridget said blue is okay, but the pickles are the best. Amanda says pickles all the way. Um, Jenny said that she'd like this blue one, which is cool, so it sounds like it's a bit even, even. Um, but it sounds like everyone really liked the pickles. We've got a sort of a Navy Euro that I can put over the top like that. Yeah, okay, yeah. I don't know if the I'm just standing up and having a look it might work, it might work. This throw's not maybe Navy enough because it's a bit denim, yeah.

Um, you need a bit more pure Navy, right, like because that's what this is, it's a bit matches a bit better. We did have um, Anita say that maybe we could try adding some of the pickles back to the blue style. I've got this Indigo, but that's a bit bright, that's out, that's off. And Jody said, "I love this steel blue throw," which is not the one you're seeing on the camera right now. It's one that we had on before. "I love this still blue throw, I loved it last time you showed it. I think I'll have to get one or two soon," which is quite lovely this one, yeah. And we did have Anita say that she likes the denim throw, and then Leanne said, "What about a Navy small cushion?" I think you tried to grab one just then, didn't you? Yeah, it was, it's an indigo.

It's pretty bright, so I took it off pretty quick because it wasn't real good, yeah. It's just too, it's a, it's not the right colour square foot, yeah. It just sort of clashes. It's interesting because this, we have this, I'm pretty sure we got this in Euros as well, so but it just doesn't work quite. It's not quite there. It's almost more of like a um, like a royal blue, you know, yeah, yeah, that this cushion is, yeah, yeah, well, it's called Indigo, but it's royal blue is probably another, yeah, it helps describe it, yeah, and we did have, uh, Odette say thank you. I think the Navy would work, and the denim is nice, so yeah, there you go.

I thought that this blue style may be another Brown incident. If you guys aren't caught up with, uh, the lives a couple weeks ago, we had a similar greeny but on a white background floral quill cover, and there was Browns in it, yeah, and we tried to put brown on it, but it turned out to be a real bomb, yeah. So I'm glad that the blue worked out.

Um, and Jenny, I haven't purposely forgotten your comment. I just left it till now to say it. Jenny commented and said, "Josh, I think you need to do the challenge and have a sandwich next week where we all get to witness you trying it for the first time." [Laughter] Well, the three, three pickles, yeah, maybe I do have some dietary restrictions, and I can see in the list that I am, uh, not supposed to eat the sweet Mustard Pickles.

Yeah, I might not be able to do it, but we'll see. Everyone's saying yes, so I have to put my health on the line. I'm knocking around, it's, um, Maybe, yeah, take it one, take one for the team. All right, well, we'll talk about it. I'll consult the bosses and see if next week, bye. Yeah, that might be a bunch of fun, yeah, maybe, maybe it'll make me feel better if we all have to eat some Mustard Pickles, yeah. Michelle's shaking ahead. Well, you've had them before, do you like them or no? She hasn't had them, but she says they're disgusting.

Have you had them before, yeah, are they good? Yeah, okay. I've, I've eaten them, yeah, yeah, but it's been a long time ago, yeah. Yeah, cool. Well, maybe we can have a Mustard Pickle contest, something, yeah. All right.