Rosette Plum Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Rosette Plum Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Jun 20, 2023

Introducing the Rosette Plum Quilt Cover Set – a charming floral pattern set against a pristine white backdrop. In this video, we introduce you to two captivating variations of the Rosette Plum Quilt Cover Set that will effortlessly revitalize your bedroom into a tranquil retreat. Whether you're drawn to a soothing garden-inspired motif or a timeless floral theme, we offer the perfect selections with our Rosette Plum Quilt Cover Set!

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Styling our Rosette Plum Quilt Cover

Create your dream bedroom with this stunning floral quilt cover! We recorded this live on May 18th and styled our beautiful Rosette Plum Quilt Cover Set...

The video was uploaded on 19/06/2023.

You can view the video here.

The video lasts for 8 minutes and 48 seconds.

Exploring the Rosette Plum Quilt Cover Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

So I'll grab this and bring it to the camera. This one's a very floral, sort of very feminine design. It's got little rosettes on a white background. It's a really, really colourful, um, sort of, yeah, very feminine. But this fabric, it's a slub fabric, so I'm not sure if you can see it, but it's slightly textured.

Now, this is made by, with the threads being, um, spun with the sort of loosely and tightly thick, thick, thin bits on the threads, and then it's woven into the fabric, and it gives you a bit of this sort of texture. And this is just printed on top of that slub material, so it gives you a nice, a nice different sort of feel to it. This one's got a cord piping trim. You can see the cord piping across the top, um, just in white.

Just makes it sort of neatens it off really well. The back is a cotton polyester, just plain white. So, nice floral design. And that's it. So, this comes in Queen, King styling, the Floral Quilt Cover, and Super King. And there are Euros as well in the range. And Michelle's just chucking these to me. And this one is the Euro's got the same pattern on the front as the quilt cover, but then it reverses to a nice pink, really dark pink sort of velvet on the back.

So, it's a really nice reverse on it. So, we're going to put these in with that pink on the back. We're always style this one up. There's the other one. So, we've got the, we've got the rosette Euros in there. So, we're going to do two different colours here. We're going to do a pink one and then we'll do a green one. But, so let us know, I suppose, what you think. Yeah, which style do you guys like better? The next question is our famous Vivid blush.

Um, I think everybody's probably seen that. Just a nice, soft velvet, Vivid blush. We'll put that square on there to bring out all the pinks in there. And then we've got this is the Yasmine, yeah, it's mean, I think that's the way to pronounce it, but Yasmine Orchid. It's another velvet, but it's a, it's a long cushion, but it's a bit deeper than what it might, some of them are, a lot of them are. The reverse is a canvas, creamy canvas, but it's a really nice, really nice cushion.

And we haven't seen that one before yet, have we? We haven't. It's featured the yasmines, no. And we've got two of them entered for tonight. So, nice. Looks like it's another one of those like super high-quality cushions as well. Sometimes you get cushions that are a bit funny with the filling, but yeah, sometimes they don't completely keep their shape well, but this one is, it's yeah, it's, it's not, it's not fair that it is like a polyester fill, um, but it's, it's still fairly solid, you know, yeah

And then we're going to put a throw on the white throw. Uh, the um, this is the Oslo. We've showed you some of these last week. But this one was last week's feature. But if you, if you weren't with us last week, this is the um, the Oslo with nice tassels on the end. So, um, just in white. There's a whole range of these with weird sort of colours, some of them, some of them are pretty out there. But yeah, we visited them last week. It was, it's not cotton candy, but there's a rainbow, and yeah, they're very multi-toned, aren't they? Yeah, yeah. Um, whereas this one's mostly white.

There's probably different shades of white possibly in here but, um, it's basically white. Nice and soft, yes. Um, so yeah, we put that on here. And that's the first design for the rosette Plum. So, let us know if you like, yeah, give us a comment if you like this style, yep. I think this one is quite nice. It brings out all of the main colours out of the quilt cover. It does, yeah, yeah, it highlights all those um, this sort of Moroni kind of colours, yeah, um, a lot of them.

So yeah, and it's good to break up the block pattern because the pattern is just repeating, I think, and then it's good to have just block colours, yeah, it is, it is floral, but they're sort of polka dots or geometrically spaced. They're just like they're fairly uniform over the whole lot, so yeah, it's um, it's good to break them up up a little bit like you say, it's really good. So all right, we'll take all of these off, and we'll do the Green version. We're going to get rid of the Euros as well, so get them out. Trying A Green Style and these, this is the um, Samatra Olive.

We, I think we featured these previously weeks as previous weeks as well, but um, yeah, this is a nice velvet. It's got a bit of a geometric pattern sewn in here, and it's um, yeah, really plain on the back but really nice velvet cushion. It's it's a real deep green Olive sort of colour but here's the other pillow comes flying in I think it matches it matches well with the plants that we've got going on as well, the plants, yeah, yeah, it's good.

And then we've got on after that we've got this is the other yes the Yasmine, it's the it's called nude um, it's just basically yellow um, the yellow colour this cushion has actually got a bead a like a cord piping around the edge so just point that out as well and we also put the Sumatra just the Sumatra cushion in as well and that will help with that the green was a little bit of a shock I think to this quilt cover but it does the end result doesn't look too bad we're going to put the Johnson Olive in as well I'll show you that just briefly um, yeah, we've seen the Johnsons before I but um, yeah nice and neat it's a nice heavy throw nice warm one this one yes and um, yeah we'll um, put that on. Also, hello Al, good to have you here with us tonight.

Um, and also Jody, it's good to have you here um, Jen McDonald, uh, said that yeah the green looks better so that's good let us know uh, which style you guys like more whether you like the pink or the green I think we've got one vote for green so far but yeah see what everyone so people are liking the green looks like it that's that's good it's it's a really dark colour on the light colour so it's a bit of a bit of a shock but um, yeah it's it turns out alright looks it looks alright yeah see how Jody say that she likes the pink so it looks like it's a bit of a tie at the moment a bit of a boat yeah.