Santos Snow Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Santos Snow Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Sep 14, 2023

Elevate your bedroom decor with the Santos Snow Quilt Cover Set and explore two exquisite ways to style your space. Our styling tips and ideas will help you create the perfect bedroom!

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Styling Our Santos Snow Quilt Cover Set

The stunning Santos Snow quilt cover set is a beautiful option for those who like luxury regal quilt covers! We recorded this live on August 31st...

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Exploring the Santos Snow Quilt Cover Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

This one is very, very palatial, you could say. Um, it's very regal, very main bedroom kind of a design. Yeah, and it's, um, yeah, so that's how you get it out of the packet, and if I've got it, I'll show you the cushion of a pillow. This is the pillow, and you can see it's all very different kinds of textures. There's like a chenille here, there's a thread here, like a gold metallic type of thread. You can see it even up in there, gold metallic thread. And it's like a great key design, like a pattern. It's very, very nice, and it's wide or a slight off-white. It wouldn't say it's cool cream, maybe it is a bit creamy, but, um, the reverse, I suppose that's a bit cream, just plain. The front is a polyester, and the back is a cotton polyester, and it's finished off with a flange, the flange and with a cord piping around the edge as well. So, um, real elegant, finished off well.

Michelle just mentioned it's not probably good for pets because of all the detail. Um, pet claws will get this for sure, but very nice, and it's white as well. You probably don't, or creamy, it's probably more creamy than white. Yeah, definitely, yeah, yeah, it is, but it's light, light colours anyway. Styling this Quilt Cover, we had Jen say that this one is catching. First, sorry, it doesn't matter, we'll do the black one first. We've, what was that? Sorry, I was just mentioning, um, that Tina said that this one's stunning. Jen said that this one's very eye-catching. Odette said that she really likes this one, um, and Jed, Jen said that because of the pet issues, that rules it out for her, sadly.

Okay, oh well, um, it's either the pet or the bed, that's right, and I'm sure the pet wins. Yeah, yeah, um, all right, we've got, um, I was going to do this around the other, I was going to do the black version last, but, um, we've sort of had a bit of an internal discussion here of what are we going to do first, but we're going to do the black one. So this is the Venetian night range, and there, this is the same Euro, uh, cushion cover, the throw that I showed you earlier, with the same tassels and the same, right, um, crinkle velvet on the front, and the reverse, well, the reverse is still the same, crinkle velvet on, on the Euro, but there's no pattern here.

So what we're going to do is put, we don't want to use, do it with the tassels on the front, so we're going to just show it with the plain black reverse for tonight. Okay, yeah, just to calm down the, all the gold and the bling a little bit. This is very black what we're putting in here, and it might or might not be up to your taste. With, I'm sort of a bit on the fence about it. I'm not sure I, I didn't show you this is, oh my gosh, I'll take both of them. This is the square cushion, which is the same thing with the gold. Um, this is a slightly different rope here. It's got different, um, there's a gold and a black intertwined different rope flange. Well, I'm getting all over the place. And, um, same front, back, that's the square.

And then there's a bolster cushion as well, which is, um, yeah, nice round tubular shape with a tassel on each end, yeah. So, and I don't know if you, sorry, wrong. I don't know if you mentioned it, I don't know if I was listening, but the material on the front of those is a very interesting material. It's almost like a crushed velvet or something like that. It is, it is, yeah, yeah. It's probably, um, yeah, it's real, it's probably that's probably the word for it.

Crush, well, it's cool, crinkly, it's not just plain, yeah. You might not be able to see it too well in there on the camera there, but yeah, no, that's why I was mentioning it, it's quite, um, it's quite nice, yeah, yeah, some of those shots on in on the website for these might be, it might show you the variations might be better, yeah, then, yeah, then what we're able to get here, I'm not sure what's there, but anyway, so that's it with a bit of black. I'm not, let us know what you think, because I'm really on the fence about this, I don't know where the black really works. It's not too bad because it's pulling out the golds, it's matching it up, but the black just might be a little bit heavy, a bit harsh. But let us know what you think, yeah, we had, um, we had Amanda say that the bolster is gorgeous. Um, I need to say that she loves velvet. Carrie said the black looks great with that cover, makes the gold in the cover stand out. Yeah, yeah, Joanne says that she, so Joanne said that she loves it. Anita said she loves it. Amanda said she loves it. And Carrie said the black is never harsh.

Tanya said that she doesn't love it. And Jen said that she thinks the throw might be a little bit much. So maybe take off the throw, real quick. Yeah, maybe a little bit more. Yeah, maybe that's enough. Yeah. And then we just heard Odette say, "I think I'd prefer a lighter colour, a lighter, softer colour, maybe even a mustard," which Odette, you've read our mind because that is the next colour. That's the next one, and I think I like this one better, so let's do it. Yeah, sounds good. Just the Vivid Ivory velvet Euros, and we're going to pop them in and try and lighten it up. This one's the lighter version. And we'll pull in. All right, we've got the Amelia Toffee. We see that Amelia's all over the place all the time with the canvas back, feather-filled, nice colours, nice solid cushion, you know.

And this is the Vivid Ivory Square, just the square. That matches the Euros, same family, yeah. Cushions. And this is the Yasmine Nude cushion. Yellow, or it's not as yellow as in the screen, it's more gold. Yeah, it's more mustardy. More mustardy, yep, yeah. It's quite, yeah, it's closer to the gold colour. Yeah, and the Santos itself actually has a branch cushion as well available. That one's fancy, and this is pretty fancy. Yeah, it's just striped with different kinds of threads. That might be, that's a bit chenille, very low pile chenille, and it's got, it's like a wild branch cushion. So you can see there's a, like a wall, yeah, yeah. And it's, yeah, just different colour tassels going around on both ends, both edges of the wall. So, yeah, really fun cushion, I suppose, or... Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And I think... And we've got the Marlin Gold throw, just to get a bit of gold in on the throw. Yeah. Throw end of the thing. All right. Let us know what you think of that.

That's bringing some browns and golds back into it as well, so a little bit of a lighter version than the black. I tend to like this one better than the black one, I think, but let us know what you think. I could see Leanne saying that she likes it. Yeah, so we had, had a couple of comments. Anita loves the throw. Yeah, we had Joanne ask, "Do we have European covers that match that mustard cushion?" And I had a quick look, and it doesn't look like we do. That's, I mean, no. But I did include a link that has, or to it, apologies, a link to some of the yellow European cushions that we have, outside European pillowcases, and there's some mustard ones in there, so maybe you can find something that works for you, Joanne, in that range that might work out.

It sort of does look like it needs just something a bit heavier, darker colour at the top, like a gold colour, yeah, not heavy gold, but, yeah, yeah. Ken said that she likes the toffee cushion. Leanne says that she likes this one. Anita said that she's not a fan, but she loves the throw. Yeah. Yeah. Jen said that she likes the lighter one better. Joanne said, maybe you could just do the darker cushion. Um, which, yep, there's four cushions there. There's a lot. Um, there's a lot of cushions, yeah. It's good for an elegant design like this. I feel like this kind of design calls for a lot of cushions, you know. It allows for it. Yeah, yeah. We had Tanya say that this one looks lovely. Carrie said the colours work, but probably not her cup of tea.

Amanda said that she loves it. Odette said, "I like it a lot better than the black, but I still think the throw is too gold. Maybe a mustard would look better." Yeah, that's true. Yeah. I don't know if we have, I think we were wanting. We didn't have mustard, enough, yeah. It wasn't, it does need to be a bit lighter, like this cushion, yeah. Um, we had Amanda say that the throw probably sets off the cool colour. And Charlie also said, "It'd probably look better without the throw." So maybe we could just take the throw off. We could take it off, yeah. Maybe. Maybe that'll, that might not be bad. The throw might be throwing it, yeah. No pun intended. The throw might be throwing it out. All right, I'll get rid of that.