Sariya White Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Sariya White Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Oct 16, 2023

Refresh your bedroom with our floral inspired Sariya White Quilt Cover Set. In this video, we introduce two styles of this Quilt Cover Set!

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Styling Our Sariya White Quilt Cover Set

The beautiful Sariya White quilt cover set is an Australian-inspired floral quilt cover that features a collection of on-trend eucalyptus tones married with natural terracotta tones...

The video was uploaded on 16/10/2023.

You can view the video here.

The video lasts for 11 minutes and 55 seconds.

Exploring the Sariya White Quilt Cover Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

Cool, this is a bit of an Australian theme, maybe? Yep, sort of got that feel to it. There's, I know there's large proteas on here, and it's very, very nice green colours. Sage, obviously. Sage is still in, but yeah, very large floral print. It's printed; it's cotton Satin. It got white on just plain white on the back with its cotton satin as well and a, um, it's I'd have to say that's an olive cord piping around the edge. So, um, yeah, nice finishes it off really well. This one comes in double, queen, king, and Super King. It doesn't have Euros, but it does have a square cushion that we will feature in here. Now, on the top here, if we can get the top camera shot, I just want to point out that there's a fair amount of white on the top.

It's still good; all the story is down the bottom and it comes back up. It sort of looks really nice, but you just need to be aware that it is good to know that there's not pattern all the way up. Quilt cover customers have bought quilt covers probably even less than this, and they get disappointed sometimes, so we want to just point that out. It's whitish up the top, like the print's more the story is down the bottom, and it comes up, but anyway, just so you know. Yeah, all right. Then the first one we're going to do styling this quilt cover.

We're going to put the Vivid Terracotta in. And this is the Vivid the Velvet. It's in that Vivid range. It's a terracotta colour. We're trying to pull the terracottas up out of this. We had Jen McDonald say that the colours are lovely on this one, and we had Pam say that this one looks very fresh. It is fresh, very spring, yep, and summery, yeah. We've got a square cushion in that Nimes range. Like, oh no, sorry, this is Vivid, it's not Nimes. Michelle's just correcting me. It's, um, yeah, Vivid the Vivid. We've got squares and euros in most of the colours, they're all in there. So, we've got this one, it's the clean moss, the teddy bear cushion. We're featuring them quite a lot, um, the last few weeks, yeah. But that's a really nice colour. It's nearly the same colour as the sages in the quilt cover, so... And here's this is really nice.

This is the cushion, the Seria cushion, the one that is part of the design, the quilt cover design, and you probably won't be able to see it, but it's actually velvet, very small pile, but it's a velvet. Yeah, there you go, velvet feel, yeah, but not thick plush, like it's just there. And it's printed. So, really, really nice, sharp picture. Just plain white on the back, still velvet again on the back with that green cord piping, that green cord piping. So, and just to clarify, the quilt cover isn't velvet. No, yeah, no, the quilt cover is just the cotton satin, like you would get your sheets, yep, yeah, cotton, it's nice and soft. It's really nice. I'm not sure of the thread count. That's fine. It could be 300, that's I'm guessing, yeah, but it's nice, yeah, yeah, yeah. So that's the first one with the sort of terracotta colours and green colours, so yeah. I think, let us know if you guys like this style. We had Leanne say that this is beautiful. I quite like this quilt cover. I think it's quite a nice floral design.

It's, yeah, I just like it. It's not real girly floral; it's native, so it's a little bit, it's still floral but different. It's almost like it's a more muted colour; it's not super in your face, yeah, like fluro pinks and fluro reds and that kind of stuff, yeah. There's a fair bit of like foliage as well, the greens, yeah. So that probably calms the floral aspect down a bit, but yeah, it's really nice. So, we had Carrie say that the green looks nice, and we had Leanne say that these are my colours, which, yeah, I agree, I think this one looks good, yeah. So, I'm keen to see the next style actually 'cause I'm running around in my head going, "Oh, this different colour would look good," and I haven't seen what the next hour is. So, it'd be good to see, yeah.

This one's, um, this one's, um, we try our Sage & Pink style, interesting. If you guys have any colours that you would like to see in the accessories, we do have a couple in the room with us. So, if you wanted to see any specific colours, just let me know; we can put it on the bed for you. All right, this one. This European, we're going to use; it's called Milly Rose. But we're going to feature the reverse, this green colour 'cause we want to try and pull that green out. But the other side's a bit, doesn't go with the quilt cover at all. 'Cause that's the Milly Rose cover. But we're going, we want to use it for the green. So we're going to show you how it works with a nice green colour. So we're struggling a little bit getting a green colour, so this one works really nice. It's nearly the colour of the cord piping around the quilt cover, so it works really well. I like those Euros. They're nice. The Euros, the colours right. Yeah, this is Nimes Rosette square cushion.

That's the same as the Nimes Ash, comes from that. It's the same, 100% linen material. Why, and this is with picking out some of the pinks now, yeah. We did actually just have Carrie ask, "Do we have a peach-coloured cushion to bring out the big flower?" So you guys have this big flower here, yeah, yeah, yeah. So that's what we're trying to do. This last cushion is the Kali Dusk, and it's a little sort of long brunch. Not sure if it's actually called brunch or a long cushion, but they're the same size. It's fairly small. And one thing to note, I'm just looking at that on the monitor as well as in real life, and it's much pinker in real life. Okay, for whatever reason, I'm not sure why that's not showing up. It might be the whites conflicting with the camera, yeah. It's like, it's not printed; it's got a little stitch in there. It's got white dots, white polka dot. But the reverse is the reverse. It's pink polka dots, right? And they're stitches; they're little stitches, and each polka dot's got four stitches in it, yeah. So it's a good cushion. Very, very interesting cushion, yeah.

And we're going to show the pink side to try and pull out the pinks, yep, yeah, yeah. So it could work either way. We've got the top-down camera going on right now, which you can see the pinks coming out of the flowers, which is good. So let us know, Carri, if that suits what you were looking for. And is this the end of the style? This is the last one. Yeah, cool. So let us know if you guys like this style. Let us know if you like style one or two. Be interesting to, and there's obviously this the photo that was on the website that, um, the accessories that are in that. Yeah, I think you were showing that before that with the, they're Vivids, and I think it's Vivid Sage, Sage, yeah. Here's one of the questions. We didn't want to feature them in our styling tonight because you've got that photo on the website. You don't really need that. We were trying to do something extra, yeah, yeah. So that's the sage cushion. If that gives you some, but you can see it on the website anyway. It's not, yeah. I think that Sage works well too. It does.

Pretty much everyone's saying that they like this pink style better. And Jen said that she does love her greens, so the green style might win out for her, yeah. But yeah, let us know if you guys have any other coloured cushions you want to put on the bed. One thing that I had was, what does the t-r stuff look like on the bed? That's very Brown. Just entertain me for a [Laughter] second. Carrie was referring to the peach-coloured waratah type flower, which is to, rather than the pink one. Yeah, that's why we pulled out that rust. That's why we used the rust, but the rust really didn't do the whole, it really took the tip of it, not sort of an overall of the whole thing. So it might have been, I know. Look at our Brown Style, what she's saying, but it might have been a little bit dark by going for that such a small aspect of the colour.

But yeah, there's your t-rose, and I don't. What about the cushion? Do we have the cushion? Put. Keep the throw on there. Keep the throw on there. We didn't use a throw because the pattern, oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Michelle just said, if you didn't hear that, the pattern's all on the bottom. So, we didn't. That's where we steered away from a throw because the story is down, down here. So, we left the throw off the cushions just here. So I can take, if I take them out. Yeah, 'cause in my mind, I was like maybe a darker brown would work well on this quilt cover 'cause it's like the sticks or the tree in amongst all the foliage, you know. Yeah, um, but then I thought maybe the lighter brown would work because all the leaves and the flowers are of that lighter color. They're of that pasty color. But I don't know if that brown really works. No, let us know if you guys like that or don't like that. Um, but yeah, if you guys don't have any other colors that you'd like to see, then I think we'll just move on. I think we should, yep, all right.