Super King Quilt Covers | Q&A

Super King Quilt Covers | Q&A

Posted by Michelle on Oct 06, 2023

Update your bedroom today with our super king quilt covers range! Available in a wide range of colours and patterns, we answer your most asked questions!

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Super King Quilt Covers Showcase

Our director Ben took a look at all things super king quilt covers recently! We recorded this live on September 21st...

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Exploring the Super King Quilt Cover Range

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

Let's jump back over the table and we'll have a look at this quilt cover category, the Super King quilt cover category. I suppose first I should start. If you've got a question about Super King quilt covers, jump into the comments, let us know. Yeah, got any sort of questions that might pop into your mind, let us know those as we're going through. And I'll just give you a brief overview of the Super King quilt cover. The actual size of it is 270 centimetres wide and then 240 centimetres long. So, the length is from head to toe on the bed, so it's quite large. It's the largest quilt cover that we've got. And I suppose the question would be, well, what do you use it on or what size is a Super King quilt cover? Obviously, you put it on a Super King bed, that's the big bed, the 200 by 200 centimetre or 204 by 203, they're huge. They're not as popular or as common yet anyway, but you would put the Super King quilt cover on a Super King bed and you could also put it on a king bed.

That's where we sell most of them to, going onto King beds because they're just like an upsize, where you might want it to be a little bit more luxurious and the quilt is hanging down the side of the bed a little bit more, a little bit less fighting with the partner in the night. But King beds are pretty big anyway, but you've got a bit more coverage with the Super King quilt cover and quilt on top of a king bed. And it's particularly handy too because the king beds, sometimes if you've got a really deep mattress, you just might want to have enough cover to cover the depth of the mattress because some mattresses are really deep now. So, if you go to a bigger quilt cover, you'll get better coverage on the down the side of the bed, even if you might just be wanting to cover the mattress, it might be difficult and you can do that with a Super King quilt cover. We've got a whole bunch of colours that are available as well in the category that I think is in the top of the description up there.

And there's a whole bunch of colours, so there's blacks, greys, and silvers, all the monochromes sort of colours where there's blues, there's reds and pinks, creams, the browns, linens, and sort of beigey colours in there, white, there's all of them really, purples and yellows. There's even multi-coloured quilt covers. There's probably quite a lot of those because a lot of quilt covers have got a lot of multicolour, so there's a lot of those in there as well. So many colours available. There's also different patterns. The largest quantity of patterns that we've got is like the floral and the geometric patterns. They're probably the biggest representation that we've got. And there's also solid colours and plain colours like the ascots that we showed you, those cushions, they come in quilt covers as well. They're plain colours, but even united, the waffle texture, but they'd be in that plane category.

There's also less popular printed designs as well like animal prints in there, some damask sort of patterns and some stripes. They're a bit lesser quantity and textured like the chenille. You'll get chenille in there as well. So, a whole bunch of different colours and patterns all available there in the Super King quilt covers. A couple of questions that I've got, three questions that people often ask about Super King. One of them is, is there such a thing as Super King doonas or quilt doonas, the inserts for them? People often have trouble finding them. So yes, they are available. We've got a whole range of quilts or the inserts for them and they suit the size of the doona cover, that 270 by 240 centimetre. They fit inside those quite well and so they're available. Another question is, can you put a king doona inside a Super King cover? Well, the answer is obviously yes, you can do it, but there's a few things that might not work to your favour.

If you put a smaller quilt into a bigger cover, they'll move around more. If you put a king in a Super King quilt cover, they'd move around a bit more. And if you wanted to stop it moving around, you could apply quilt clips, but you probably wouldn't be able to do that if the quilt cover doesn't go to the corner of the quilt anyway. So, you can do it. It will move around and there'll be less insulation as well because if it slips off to one side or if it's moving around or it's just even if you manage to get it into the middle, there's no insulation on the edges of the cover, so it might not do its job properly either. So, it's worth getting the right insert for the cover. And in this case, it's Super King, and they're available, you can get them. The last point is, what's the size difference between a king and a Super King? Just basically, it's 30 centimetres. It's 30 centimetres wider and 30 centimetres longer, roughly. So, the size of the king bed is doing a quilt cover is at 240 centimetres wide and then 210 length. And the Super King is 270 wide and 240 in the length. So, if you can do your maths, it's the width is actually 25 centimetres longer, but you know, round it up 30 centimetres, ballpark.

Yeah, so we had Kerry say that she loves her super king size quilt and quilt cover because she's got a king bed and she does exactly what you were saying before where you put the Super King quilt cover on top of the king bed and it makes it like a more designer look, it's got that. And then we had Amanda say that she has two long single electric beds which take a Super King cover, but sometimes she can get confused when placing the cover on the quilt because the quilts are just orientated the different way. I said, yeah, I can imagine that it would be the case because it's two and a half meters of stuff that you're dealing with, that can be quite hard to orientate it the right way when you just had a look at it out of the packet. Um, and the only question we had was from Amanda who asked, do the quilt cover clips you mentioned, them, and we've actually got them behind you in the. Do the quilt cover clips ruin the fabric of the cover at all? Now, you guys have actually used these quilt cover clips on your bed yourselves.

How did that go with the fabric of the cover? They clip into the seams where the top and the bottom of the quilt cover is neat, and there's a seam on the inside. They clip into there, so it doesn't actually affect the outside, but you are putting holes in it, but it's in that zone of seams similar to the quilt. It's just on the edge. They said you're not damaging, you are putting holes because they're fastened on, but it's not detrimental. It doesn't ruin any appearance. It's like you don't know they're there. No, and it's on the inside, isn't it? It's on the inside, yeah. It's on the inside. You do bump into them. They're riding the corners. You can bump into them. You know they're there because they're little plastic things, so they're a bit harder than your duvet is, but it's in the corners. They're not, you don't once they're there. You don't know that they're there. Yeah, yeah. Amanda said thanks to the answers. Much appreciated.

Carrie's just dropped a very helpful hint. She said that I had to mark the quilt to know the correct side as to what's bottom and what's top and what's side to side, which is a pretty cool way of doing things. I don't think anyone, that's pretty simple, isn't it? Just a permanent marker, yeah. Yeah, that's really simple, and I can imagine. I'm not sure. I haven't looked recently, but I'm it would be interesting to see if there's tags on a certain corner of the quilt that you get so you go, "Oh, I found the tag. That's the bottom right-hand corner, if that makes sense." The bottom, yeah. We've just had Michelle say that the tags are either on the bottom left-hand or right-hand side, so maybe that's a better way of identifying as well, like the washing instructions. Sometimes it's the brand tag that's coming across here as well in case you don't want to yeah, quilt and accidentally get it running throughout the washing machine or something like that. But I don't know if that tagging, I could be wrong, but I don't know if that tagging is consistent with every brand or every manufacturer. Because I was having a thought about fitted sheets. I thought the same thing that the washing instruction tag was in the same place on each brand, but I've noticed it wasn't. Yeah, it wasn't actually the same. So, but yeah, it could be either. All right well.