Swan Princess Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Swan Princess Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Nov 06, 2023

Update your kids bedroom with our swan inspired Swan Princess Quilt Cover Set. In this video, we introduced a style of this Quilt Cover Set!

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Styling Our Swan Princess Quilt Cover Set

The cute Swan Princess quilt cover set is a kid's quilt cover with swans on a pink background. We recorded this live on October 26th...

The video was uploaded on 05/11/2023.

You can view the video here.

The video lasts for 4 minutes and 41 seconds.

Exploring the Swan Princess Quilt Cover Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

So this is the next one. This is obviously more of a kids' design, a girl's, little young girl's design. So it's a pink, a pink base with a whole bunch of swans with all sorts of different things. There's some crowns, some gold crowns, and some pink sort of polka dots. And there's even blue swans as well as pink. So it's a very sort of girly, fun, fun design. It's got a flat cord, a flat sort of cord piping. It's flat, it's not got a cord in it, but it's just flat, nice in that similar pink colour as the other one, yeah? And it reverses to a weird sort of swirls in a gold colour.

It's a really interesting sort of reverse, but doesn't look too bad. But it's definitely different. It's the same gold as in these crowns on the front, so it's picking that up from the front. So anyway, this one's, so it's a kids' design. So it comes in single and double. So this might be a good Christmas present if you've got a young one in your life, yeah? Alright, I'll put a couple of ideas on this bed. This one was a challenge, but we've got styling this Quilt Cover. Something, this is called the piper OCH. It's a knitted kind of feel texture with some tassels on the ends.

And yeah, just reverse to a... it's called Oka the colour, but it's probably mustardy. You'd probably call it mustard. Actually, got a bit different, a white sort of Border Across The Edge on both sides where the Frills are. So, that's... we'll put that on there. It's picking up those gold crowns that are in the picture. And we got this small one as well. It's a... this is called the Turin Square. It's a blue colour, um, it's sort of a bit cord. Draw, um, yeah, nice blue colour picking up the blue swans. So, it matches the blue swans. And then we got a little treat here. It's a little bit different. We've got a little unicorn. Now, it's got nothing to do with swans, but the colour suits alright for the quilt cover. It's got a rainbow mane and a unicorn, it's got a horn on its head.

So, nice little plush toy. So, we'll just stick that in there as well just for fun. So, let us know what you think. It doesn't look too bad. We've picked up some of those colours, the blues and the golds. Um, keeping it a little bit simple, and yeah, let us know what you think about that one. Like I said, this one was a tough one to style up, it's really difficult. So, yeah, it's a bit of a um, it's a kids' quilt cover, so you know, they don't need heaps of, you know, accessories on their beds. But, I think what we've done here is really good. Especially the Unicorn, I think it's a bit of a fan car carry likes it, she said everyone loves unicorns. And we had Karen say how cute is a unicorn, so yeah. And Leon also said cute toy, and Tracy also said she loves unicorn, so yeah, it's a nice one for a kid's bedroom. So, unicorns always work, yeah? Yeah, Leon said that we did good styling on this one, so well done. We try a Navy throw. Did have Karen just say that a dark blue throw would make it pop with the, with the blue. Yeah, I don't know if we have... oh, we have, we have, we have a blue throw, the Johnson denim, but it's not quite... I'll put it on but it's not quite the right color. Yeah, it's just a little bit... um, it's not as bright, not as navish, so... you get the idea in the camera from it, yeah, but it's not quite the right, yeah, you'd want to go after a darker throw, just a little bit darker, yeah? Yeah, yeah, that's all right. All right, all right.