Taj Black Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Taj Black Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Sep 13, 2023

Presenting the Taj Black Quilt Cover Set, a masculine design that brings a bold statement into any bedroom! In this video, we introduce two styles of this Quilt Cover Set!

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Styling Our Taj Black Quilt Cover Set

The bold Taj Black quilt cover set is a stunning option for those who like geometric quilt covers! We recorded this live on August 31st...

The video was uploaded on 11/09/2023.

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Exploring the Taj Black Quilt Cover Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

This is called the Taj Black new arrival, and it's very dark. It's a very masculine kind of design, but that's how you get it out of the packet. Just the two pillowcases and the quilt cover. And I'll show you a bit of the pattern a bit closer, so it's really pretty. I think you put in the Art Deco sort of category. Very geometric, whites, greys, and if you can actually see the colours, you might be able to. Where am I going? You can actually see it here.

Um, you've got, it's there's greys, but this is like got a bit of a blue tinge in this. You can compare it to this top section. So there's a little bit of a blue and even on the corner there you can see that that's, um, that's a bit different to this line. So it's, it's got a slight blue tinge to it, but mostly it's a monochrome sort of look, and like the black and white.

And this is. It's a cotton-polyester. It comes in queen, king, and Super King, and there's Euros as well. But the Euros are the same pattern as the reverse sort of a micro-geometric pattern, grey, and, um, on a white base. Now, if you can see that pattern, it's a little bit motley. It sort of gives it a rustic, linen-y kind of an appearance. It's actually is printed, but it just gives you a bit of a different. You can see the tones up there on that one, the different colours.

So it gives a bit of a texture appearance, so pretty cool. All right. So this is the styling it up. European pillowcases for the Taj Black, and it's like I said, it's the same as a reverse, and it's got a tailored flange around the edge too, just. It's the same on both sides, so we'll put those in. So that's the Euros, and we'll put Amelia Black. This is the velvet. The velvet Amelia, nice, just black, with that Hessian reverse. Feather fill, put black. So we're going a bit still keeping with all the monotones here, but this is the NIMS Ash, I think this one's called, and it's got the tailored flange, and it's the um, the linen material, but this one's polyester fill, so it's a bit lighter. Then we've got the Oslo Snow throw. We feature that quite a lot because it's really nice, and it's white.

It goes with a lot of things, but also can get dirty pretty quick. But, um, but still a very nice soft nice throw, so we'll put the. It's still pretty monochrome, but what we're trying to do is we with this first design we're just sort of adding a bit more to it, but keeping the base still all um, fairly the same because what we're going to do is we'll. Because I know everybody loves that red cushion that we've got so we're going to just pop in just another cushion just. Add the. Um. Add some. We'll take the grey one out, and then we'll just add some more.

A pop of colour in. So now you've got a sort of a red design just with one one extra cushion, so. And we've got a whole bunch here that you can just swap them all out, so let us know what you think. This green red. Um. Is a long pink with the. Nude. So you can sort of do, do, do any colour that you that you like. There's a sort of a royal blue that's actually called. Um, the Vivid Indigo, that one. But you sort of can't see that on the screen too. Too well. Um, no. It kind of Blends in a little bit. It Blends in, yeah, it gets lost. And this is the Amelia Burgundy.

So we can do. Do that as well, so you can really do. Anything to put any colour you want with it, given that it's the um, the black monochrome sort of. Um. Colours. There is that tinge of blue in there, though. Um. That really doesn't really matter to whatever colour you put in here, but you could pull that blue, blue in, out as well. But the last one. They had a one there. The last one we're going to put in was the nimes Meadow. We try our blue style. This is the NIMS range, but it's the, the yellow, the meadow colour with the flange, tailored flange. A nice. It looks bright on the screen, but it's not so bright in reality. Um. Well, you can probably take that out.

Don't necessarily need the grey one. And then. Yeah, no, you keep going, so we can put yellow, the yellow in, and then we're now sort of moving into the second design because now we're just going to. Make it a bit more full yellow. Take those out because we've got that NIMS range in. Um. The Euros as well. They, they've got a little ties at the back. They tie up. Just little bows at the back. A little bit different. So there's another whole different look with the yellow. Not sure about the yellow, but. You can do. You can put any colours you like with this. It's very, very flexible, so let us know what you think. Did you like any of that?

Yeah, let us know which style you liked better. Um, yeah, does it, does a yellow look good or not? And then. Tina says that she loves the yellow, and Jen says that she's not a fan of the yellow, so it's 50-50 so far. It's, it's interesting, isn't it? For different people like different things. It's pretty fresh, like. Springy. I'm not sure about the eye, to be honest. I'm not sure about it at all. It's more. Um. This might be sick Josh talking. It's more modern with the yellow maybe. I feel like it could be placed into a more modern room than just the black.

But I have no clue. Yeah. It just shows you can do. Um. Because we're getting some people like and some people not so like. But like you can just do any colour with this. It's not right. It's just personal preference, really. Yeah, and. And it'll probably look different in, in a, in a room. Like if you've got paintings or wall colours that if you pull those colours onto the bed that it might work in that sort of room environment whereas out here it might not.

So if you've got a yellow wall or a yellow photo, a picture or something that might pull the yellow in it might look. Um. Better in that environment than like what we've got here because we haven't got a yellow, yellow accents our external for the bed. So yeah. Well, that said, maybe you could try it with a black throw. Do we have a black throw available? No, no, we were looking for that. We, yeah, we, we don't have a black throw in the website. Hm. There you go. Oh, we do have. We, we do have one. We're actually the last design. We've got. We've got one, but it just. Doesn't suit. It's got big gold tassels. We have got a black throw. Okay, but it's. Um. The Venetian. Arrangement. Okay, we'll see that on the. Last design. But it just won't. Wouldn't go with this.

It's got big. Oh, just pull it out and let's have a look just for. Fun. What could look like absolute garbage. But let's just try. Cool. So what do we think of this black throw? Yeah, this sort of doesn't. It's not the right. Style. I don't think with the tassels. Gold tassels. But maybe if you had. Gold tassels and gold in the cushions and the rest of it, it might work. You might get something. Yeah. Um. How do you like that? Um. Or did. I think it was or did asking us. Sorry, I think. Yeah, it was all dead or did. Let us know if you like this one. Uh. With the. With that. Like this is. It might be a bit. This is a velvet throw, and it's got two different textures on each side. There's different textures.

I'll show you. Maybe I should show you seen it before. I think we've shown it before. Oh, I messed it up, didn't I? All right. Um. So that's. That's one side. It's black. You might not be able to see it. It will. And then. It's sort of like a crinkle velvet, and then the other side is just plain. Like plain velvet. Hopefully you can see it. But then, yeah. With the gold tassels and things. So we're going to put this on the next design because it's. It's pretty. Um. Pretty opulent. Pretty. The next design. So that's it. All right. Um. We did have. Sorry. Um. We did have a debt ask if we can just show it from the top again, please. Yeah. Um. And we had Anita say that she likes a black throw, and yes, the gold pillows would lift it up as opposed to the yellow ones. Um. Jen said that she can see the reluctance about using that throw. Um. Which, yeah, I can too now. It just. This doesn't suit. It's not quite there. Yeah. Yeah. Um. And then Amanda said she's on the Gold Coast, so. Oh, wow. Yeah. Have fun. Yeah. Enjoy.