Tariq Black Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Tariq Black Quilt Cover Set | Styling Session

Posted by Michelle on Sep 20, 2023

Our Tariq Black Quilt Cover Set is a stunning combination of style and comfort. Featuring over-scaled tropical foliage that cascades gracefully across your bed in a monochromatic colourway with a touch of tarnished gold, this set is perfect for those seeking an elegant and tropical vibe in their bedroom. We styled it up in 2 ways!

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Styling Our Tariq Black Quilt Cover Set

The beautiful Tariq Black quilt cover set is a great floral choice with lots of character! We recorded this live on August 17th...

The video was uploaded on 19/09/2023.

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Exploring the Tariq Black Quilt Cover Set

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

This is Tariq Black, I think. I'm pronouncing that correctly. Could it be like Tariq, maybe T-A-R-I-Q? It's a fairly masculine design, even though there's a little bit of sort of a florally sort of thing, but it's a palm trees pattern on there. And I've got a question actually, just to see if you can see it. I noticed that when I walked in here this evening, do these gold, it's gold or an olive colour, like palm frond coming through here? I wonder if it looks like it's actually printed and it's flat, but does it look like it's slightly quilted on the screen? I was looking and thinking that the way the pattern's printed on there, it looks like it's three-dimensional, like it's slightly quilted where those the gold palm fronds.

I don't know if it's my glasses or old age or what it is. Let us know if you can see it, like if that's giving that texture because it's really, it really is just a flat print. It's just a printed polyester, cotton, polyester, and you can sort of, I don't know, maybe it's just my madness. That's good. See, you can. I don't know. Anyway, yeah, we had Carrie say that she agrees with you. She thinks that it's popping out. It might be something that only certain people can see, like an optical illusion or something. Yeah, yeah, maybe. Maybe, but it's very interesting. Anyway, it's printed cotton, polyester. These come in queen, king, and super king. And there is a Euro as well, and it's got a little black flat piping trim around the edge. And the reverse, and this is the same as the Euros.

Is that this pattern? It's sort of a micro-geometric pattern. And I'm not sure if you can see that on the camera, but the little crosses in between here are actually black. But around the edges, they're goldy. It's probably more gold on the reverse colour than the palm fronds on the front, but it's in a white ground there. So, not like, I quite like this one, actually. It's interesting. So, let's see what we can style it up with. Yep. While you're doing that, we did have Karen say that she is absolutely loving her wall hanging that she won a couple of weeks ago. Thank you so much. So that's cool. That's great. Yeah, send us some photos. That'll be really cool. If you want, yeah.

Yeah, no pressure. [Laughter] We had Jen McDonald say this one is striking. And Jody said this is gorgeous. And yeah, I think I like this new arrival a bit more than last week's new arrival, which was the major black, but you guys seem to like quite a lot. So hopefully, this one is a good winner too. Yep. All right. This, I didn't... Oh, yeah, I showed you the reverse on the Euro. So that's fine. This is the Mookie Olive. So that's M-double-O-K-I Mookie Olive square cushion. So not a canvassy sort of material, but with an embroidered diamond pattern on the front. So nice pattern. We're not using the front in this thing. We're going to just use the reverse.

We're going to do that a couple of times tonight, actually. Just bring that olive colour out. And here's our famous pickle, the Rhodes pickle, which is not really as yellow maybe as on the screen, but it's a bit more orangey maybe than that on the screen. Hey, Bridget. And we did have Carrie say that it would be stunning if some of these hibiscus flowers on the quilt cover were like a fuchsia or a deep red. Yeah, yeah, that would be really interesting, wouldn't it? Yeah, it would bring a completely different look, really. It's cool. Yep. It's cool. Yep. We'll put this throw, the white throw to pull some of the white colours out. This is the Oslo snow that we use often. So that's the first one. I quite like it. I think it works quite well. Nice. Good new arrival. Let us know what you think. Yeah, a nice green sort of throw would work here as well, a bit more of an olivey to help tie it in a little bit. I don't think we had one that was green like the good olive colour.

It didn't quite match, so we didn't use it. So, all right, this one. It's really the accessories are pulling the colours out from the quilt cover, yes. Which they're not exactly the same colours, but they're doing the job. It's good. Leanne said she likes those colours together. Jen said this one's very nice. So that style is very nice. And then Odette said hello. So hello, Odette. Hi, Odette, with us. Bridget said this one's nice. All right, let's flip it over to the other side because this is reversible. This is actually a really good reversible design because actually, I think we're leaving the euros there. I'll just... The buttons... It's a button closure, but. The buttons are right along the edge, so it makes the reverse, uh, really good. Sometimes the reverse, at the back, is the buttons are like 10 centimetres down the side.

Even though it's got a reasonable printed pattern on the back, the buttons are just not quite right. So they're right; they just the way they make them. Um, it's just not the best for reversing because you may see those buttons. It doesn't matter; you can still reverse it, but this one's really, and even the second design we do tonight's, um, got a really solid reverse. Yeah, thing going on. So we'll flip this over; this changes the whole mood. Now it's not. Yeah, do you have? We do have a couple of comments asking, uh, for some styles on that other side. Um, so maybe after we do this reverse styling, we'll flip it back over and have a look at it. So if you guys are cool with it, we might be able to. What's, what are you thinking? Well, we had, uh, Karen say that maybe some olive Euros might be interesting. Yeah, I don't know if we have them on one hand; we might.

And then we also had Carrie say we might be able to, or can we pair it with red cushions to try and bring out that hibiscus idea? Okay, yeah. We've got a really bright red cushion we could chuck on just to see. See what it looks like; we can do that. We've got one of them in here. Okay, well, let's, let's do this finish this side. Yeah, yeah. All right. Um, this is the Velvet at the Amelia. Amelia black; it is. Um, it's velvet on that side and the canvas on the back. So we'll pop that into sort of highlight all the blacks. Like if you're never in this little dime, the diamond shape still is black in the centre. So we're pulling those black colours out.

And this is called the Tropic mustard, and it's. It's got a pattern on the front, but we're going to use this like we did on the other side. We're just going to use the reverse. Um, yellow, and my monitor here is showing up a pretty bright yellow, but it's, it's a bit of a burntish yellow colour. Yeah. And this is the Marlin gold throw. Um, with tassels, tassels, tassels on the end. Tassels; this is fairly lightweight; it can be a bit delicate, particularly if you've got pets or something; you might not want to let them near this one. That might pull the threads, but it's still fairly robust as well, but a bit, bit thinnish, thinner or thread. You'll pull the threads easy.

Now that's, that's all we had for the for the reverse, couple of cushions and a sort of Goldy sort of a colour on the reverse, yep. Let us know; let us know what you think. This is pretty, pretty plain, pretty simple, but the whole pattern itself is anyway. It just sort of calms it all down from the reverse. So you've got a really loud sort of thing on one side, and on the other side, it's a bit of a calm side. So depending on you, depending on your mood, you can flip your bed over. Yeah, yeah. Jen said, uh, this is good, very good; she likes both the sides. Or debt said, oh, I like that; this is one of those good designs; it's uh, like you were mentioning before, it's reversible.

So you get two for the price of one. Yeah, always good; yeah. And it's also, you know, put the money aside; it's good just for space-saving. Like if you've got a smaller house and you don't have a huge linen cupboard, and you want to refresh your bedroom up and change the styling every now and then. Yeah, yeah; you can have one quilt cover that does two really different styles because this reverses, that's right, yeah. Crazy, uh, but then the main front design is quite striking. Really, yeah. So it's cool; yeah, yeah; because they're not they're not same, same sort of patterns; they're two completely different. The next design we look at is a little bit same, same right on the well, it is, and it isn't, but anyway, we'll quickly just Chuck this back over and see if we can see that um, see if we can Muck around with some other colours. Yep

And we did have Odette say, uh, thank you guys, I received my blanket recently, it's gorgeous, and I love it; I'll send through a photo of it on my bed. Oh, that'd be cool; that'd be really good to see. Cool, yeah, because we always, we, we said this months ago, but we always see we send out stuff, and we play around with them on the bed here in the lives, but we don't see the end result where they go; we send these little square boxes out all the time, and we don't really see, uh, where they end up in people's homes, and some people are really creative and really, um, they come up with really good results, and we don't, we don't see it, so be really fantastic to see stuff to see people's, um, creations. So this is not the right; it's it's not, it's florally, it's not quite the right colour either, yeah; you can get it look on the screen; you can get a little bit of an idea from it. [Laughter] so we just tried the olive Euro. Um, let me just scroll back and see who was asking for that, Karen. Karen was saying that Olive back cushions would be good.

Um, so so we have there we go, there's some red and black for, Kerry, yeah, Carrie, let us know if you like that red; it's pretty bright, the red, the Amelia burgundy might be it sort of gets a bit lost on the screen with the but I don't know, yeah, that um, that fluro red for lack of a better word, uh, the fluro read from is a fan favourite with Jen, Tracy, and Carrie; they all loved that Flora red, oh really, yep, okay, Kerry said no the more red one worked a bit better, okay, as opposed to that Amelia, and uh, Joanne mentioned not on that bedding with the red one or, uh, yeah, yeah, yeah, uh, yeah, Jen said no put the red back, please, uh, no Spidey references intended; it does; there's a bit of a Spider-Man theme going on now, but um, there you go.

Fluro red wins that one, yeah; it it sort of depends on your taste and it depends on your room as well, like if you've got a reddish photo or print, um, or red throw even, um, having the red cushion could just work that it's still because you're pulling in other aspects of the room, yeah, so, it's not just, um, it's not completely about what's on the happening on the bed all the time, it's what's happening in the room, yeah, and uh, yeah, Carrie just mentioned that that look is stunning, so, okay, and one thing about us in comparison to some other betting stores that you might see around the place, we've got so many different colors and variations of cushions and throws and cool covers and whatnot; you can really pretty much the perfect cool cover for your bedroom accessories for your room, yeah, and cool cup, yeah, yeah, and yeah, you can spend hours trying to match them all up, it's crazy, all right, so let's just, let's jump back over the table, we'll have a look at these floral sheets.