The Story of My Linen: Interview with Ben & Michelle | Q&A

The Story of My Linen: Interview with Ben & Michelle | Q&A

Posted by Michelle on Sep 18, 2023

We interview our directors Ben & Michelle and they tell us the story of My Linen! Where it began, how it become the store it is today, and where we are going in the future!

The Story of My Linen: Interview with Ben & Michelle

We take a stroll down memory lane and talk about the story of My Linen with the founders Ben & Michelle! We recorded this live on September 7th...

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A Short Summary Of The Story Of My Linen

If you are interested, here is a summary from the video shown above:

Hey there! Last week, we had a little chat about our journey—how we moved our warehouse during the crazy times of COVID. It got us thinking that maybe it's time to share a bit more about who we are and what My Linen is all about. So, grab a seat, and let me give you a glimpse into our story. Let me introduce us first. I'm Ben, and alongside me is my lovely wife, Michelle.

We've been hustling to build this business. Oh, and we're a family business, so we've got our son, Josh, who's been with us for a few years now, and our daughter-in-law, Mary, who recently joined the fam after tying the knot with Josh earlier this year. Our journey? Well, it all started when we were just trying to sell stuff at local markets. It was a real family affair back then. Michelle used to run to those markets while I stayed back with the kiddos.

But markets didn't quite work out, and then an idea struck—selling online. We kicked off on eBay, selling off some leftover bits from our market days. Surprisingly, it worked! Slowly but steadily, we expanded, built our own website, and yeah, the name "My Linen" comes from that journey. We've had our fair share of crazy times, like the rush during the first Click Frenzy we participated in. It was bonkers! Orders pouring in, everyone hustling around the clock, and the One Direction bedding pre-sales? Don't even get me started on that frenzy! Then, there was the move during COVID. Yeah, relocating the whole shebang in the middle of a pandemic. Stressful? Absolutely. But hey, we managed it, thanks to a ton of helping hands and a bit of luck. What makes My Linen special? For us, it's about keeping things personal in a digital world.

We're not just a screen selling stuff; we're real people trying to make online shopping as comfy as slipping into fresh bedsheets. We've grown our range to fit all kinds of needs—different sizes, materials, you name it. And guess what? Free delivery has been our thing from day one. No surprises at checkout, just what you see is what you pay. Simple, right? As for opening another store, well, that's a bit tricky. We're all about being real, but sometimes red tape and regulations throw a spanner in the works. So for now, we're sticking to the online game. Ultimately, our customers are the heartbeat of our business. Their support, trust, and those moments we share—whether it's a live session or a chat on the phone—make My Linen what it is today. We're grateful for every single one of them. So, there you have it—a peek into our world. Real people, real dedication, and a bunch of bedding! We're not flashy, but we're here, doing our thing, and hoping to make your bedding dreams come true, one comfy purchase at a time.