Types of Cotton Fabric for Your Bedding

Types of Cotton Fabric for Your Bedding

Posted by Michelle on Feb 25, 2022

Different Types of Cotton

If you are starting to look at picking up a brand new bed sheet set, you will have come to realise that there are quite a variety of materials and fabrics to choose from! One of our favourite materials that also happens to be one of our best sellers is cotton! Fortunately for you, My Linen stocks a wide range of different types of cotton fabric that work well with a variety of different beds and situations. Whether it be a hot summer's night or a chilly winter evening, cotton bedding is able to help you get the best sleep possible.

Cotton is one of the world's most popular materials for clothing, furniture and bedding. This is because it is a very versatile material that can be treated and blended with various other materials and processes. This means cotton fabrics can be used for a wide variety of scenarios. Cotton fabric can also be prepared in a collection of different ways which dramatically change the feel of the cotton bedding. If you are after a smoother sheet but are still interested in cotton, you should take a look at cotton sheets with a sateen weave. But if you are after something that is not as soft but still provides a feeling of quality, our cotton percale range is perfect!

Let's take a look at some different types of cotton fabric!

Cotton Fabric

Cotton by itself is quite a versatile material that also happens to be one of the most popular materials used around the world. Typically measured with a thread count, cotton can feel quite luxurious and also can feel like a high quality, reliable sheet. The cotton fabric is used in a wide variety of bedding products such as quilt covers, sheets, protectors, blankets and much more! Because it is universally loved, people love using cotton whenever they want a breathable, soft option.

People typically love our range of cotton sheets because they are breathable, lightweight and good quality. They are perfect for the warmer seasons when it becomes really important to maintain airflow to stay cool while you are sleeping. The same can be said about our range of cotton quilt covers and cotton blankets.

Cotton is also mainly grown in the United States of America, Uzbekistan, China and India. The cotton then is distributed around the globe for our various needs.

While they aren't hypoallergenic, cotton fibers are great at allowing your body to breathe. This means that if you are someone that sweats a lot or get's hot quite easily, cotton bedding is one of the best ways you can still have something over you while still being able to keep cool. There isn't much worse than waking up in a sweat because your bedding is too hot. If your skin also gets easily irritated by sweat and heat, cotton sheets might be a good option to look into!

Egyptian Cotton Fabric

One of the more luxurious options for those looking at buying some new cotton bedding is a type of cotton called Egyptian Cotton. This cotton is grown in Egypt and is known for it's softness and strength. Egyptian Cotton is also a very popular fabric choice for many people manufacturing bedding worldwide because of the extra touch of luxury it provides.

One thing to keep in mind when purchasing Egyptian Cotton bedding online and in-store is that you should be able to verify that the cotton is indeed Egyptian. Many companies would really like to pretend that they sell authentic Egyptian cotton, but only a select few truly do. So make sure you do your research before purchasing your next Egyptian cotton sheet set because it would be a great shame if you missed out on proper Egyptian cotton because you didn't check for authenticity.

There are a few retailers in Australia that stock authentic Egyptian cotton bedding, including us! Another thing to keep in mind if you are interested in Egyptian cotton is that you should be aware of the additional price tag that comes with such a fabric. It will be a bit more expensive, but we think it's definitely worth the bigger price tag.

Bamboo Cotton Fabric

As I mentioned before, cotton is not hypoallergenic and may not be the best choice for those that suffer from allergies or skin irritation. The exception to this of course is when you mix a hypoallergenic fabric like bamboo, with such a versatile and breathable material as cotton! This bedding does exist and it is called a bamboo cotton blend!

With equal parts bamboo and cotton, this fabric is a great choice for someone that is looking for a silky smooth feel but doesn't want the additional heat that typically smooth sheets bring (like satin or polyester). And as mentioned before, if your skin does irritate easily and you suffer from allergies, bamboo is always a great option because of its natural properties and blended with cotton, you get the best of both worlds!

Bamboo Cotton is slowly becoming more and more popular amongst Australian's and it is becoming easier and easier to find bamboo cotton sheet sets online!

Flannelette Cotton Fabric

Sometimes in winter, just adding on more and more layers isn't going to be comfortable, but any less layers and you will start freezing! This is a problem we hear about a lot, and that is where flannelette cotton comes in! Flannelette cotton is a lovely soft fabric that helps trap heat from escaping as you sleep and keeps you nice and warm on those cold winter nights!

Flannelette cotton is just cotton that has been brushed (also known as brushed cotton). This disrupts the natural orientation of the cotton fibers and makes the sheet less likely to allow air to move through it. Typically flannelette cotton sheets are also on the thicker side of sheets. This is to just help that little bit extra with keeping the heat in and not letting it escape.

Flannelette cotton isn't just also available as sheets, but you can also find flannelette quilt covers that will add even more warmth to your bed!

And there we have it. If you want any help in choosing the best cotton fabric for you or if you want any more information about our full range of cotton bedding, we have a team of experts ready to help you! You can contact us via email or give us a call!