We Answer your Bedding Questions In Our Live Q&A

We Answer your Bedding Questions In Our Live Q&A

Posted by Michelle on Sep 04, 2023

In a recently live, we did a Q&A where we answered all your pressing questions you had about bedding! You can watch it below, or read the transcript!

We Answer your Bedding Questions Live!

We answered the burning questions you had for us live on July 20th and we thought we'd put the segment up on Youtube for you!...

The video was uploaded on 01/06/2023.

You can view the video here.

The video lasts for 21 minutes and 17 seconds.

"Have we had any questions?" "Not yet. We've had a couple of people say we had our doubts. She was always wanted to try the Jersey, but never actually has. We had Jen McDonald say that she likes the grey. Just letting you guys know, I have dropped a link into the comments for the sheet sets. The link in the comments or description. So, the... Oh, there it is! There in the comments. In the comments is the sheets for BedTs, and in the description above is all the stuff that you'll see in the quilt cover that we're gonna style up in a second. I can see Leanne has said, 'Hello, hey Leanne.' And yes, Amanda, these ones don't come in Long Single. They're actually selling out fast. So if you... I don't think we have every size in every colour at the moment. So if you want one, you kind of have to get on it quick. Yeah, we had Rachel. So if you want something that you think we don't have, send us an email, and we'll see what we can do. We're not going to get it if the stock's a bit low."

"Yeah, yeah. We had Joanne say, 'How much is the set for double?' Let me just pull it up for double. We've got a sage, a silver, and a charcoal, and a stone. It's a stone, not an ivory. Yeah. And that is on sale at the moment for $143.95. So, good deal there. And we also have free shipping. Yes, there is free shipping. Yep. That's all that you'll be paying. Hi, Bridget. And then Josh Jody also said, 'How much is a king?' Let me have a look. King, which we have in stone, sage, not the grey, but we do have it in charcoal, is $179.95. And again, free postage. You get free postage. Some sites are a bit funny. They give free postage on orders over a certain amount or whatever, but yeah, but it doesn't matter what you spend. Yeah, yeah. Everyone gets free postage. Yeah, yeah, all right."

"Yeah, they're really nice sheets to be in. The organic cotton with that Tencel in there. Tencels are very, very nice. Nice thread, yeah. So really, really good product. All right. Um, questions, there are questions everybody is asking. What's the price of BedTs? They're easy ones. Yeah. If anyone else has got any questions, let us know. Otherwise, anything to do with bedding and, you know, yeah, or you know, what's Ben's favourite colour? Foreign. I don't even know if you have a favourite colour. No, not really. I like that colour onto sheets. Sage. It depends. Do favourite colours come into depends what it's on, like yeah. Okay, like what are you talking about? Yeah, yeah. You can't have blue everything. I suppose so. Yeah, yeah. That would be rough if you had just blue sheets and blue quilt cover and blue pillowcases. Although some people really like purple. Yeah, they do, yeah. Yeah, a purple. Yeah, purple crazy. People like they're crazy about purple. Yeah, yeah."

"Yeah, um, we did prepare some questions earlier that we have been asked recently through our emails and through our chat and whatnot. Um, so we thought that we might answer some of these as well while we wait for some other questions. Although while I'm talking, I can see that Joanne said that you have to mix colours. Which yes, it's a very trendy thing at the moment. I think to mix and match the sheet sets and the quilt covers and all that, so yeah, and not have a particular favourite. Yeah, yeah. Um, and then we had Amanda from 'Love My Pets' say, 'Is there going to be any long single fitted sheets in a different fabric, please?' So you can answer that one. I'm not sure. Um, there's nothing on the radar. Long singles are pretty rare. So it's pretty hard to get a broad range. Like we do have it in flannelette, but that's... Um, they're cotton, not addiction. They're cotton, and we do have the Egyptian cotton long singles, and we do have a hundred percent cotton long singles. I think I think just 100 cotton is... Um, I think they come in long single as well. Yeah. So, we've got like just the fitted sheet only I was trying to think of. But, oh yeah, you get a little bit more when you get into the sets because we've got satins. I just saw on the screen, the satins. Yeah. Um, they can be good. They can help you roll over in bed. The satin, yes. You can slip around easy. Yep. Um, so yeah, the long singles, they come in cotton, Egyptian cotton, flannelette, and satin. Yeah, yeah. So, they're a rare sheet. So to get the other materials like these BedTs as well, it's pretty rare. Virtually impossible, yeah. So Amanda said she loves satin, loves the feel of it, and Anita said, 'And fallout. We satin, yeah. Especially if you got satin or silk pyjamas as well, slippers like a non-stick pan. Yeah, that's funny."

"That's funny, all right. Well, we have got some pre-prepared questions, so maybe while you're all right, give us one every time I say 'prepare questions,' there's another one that comes in. Jen McDonald asks, 'When you say Egyptian cotton, what does that actually mean exactly, or is that obvious?'

Egyptian cotton – it's debatable. Egyptian cotton is fairly hard to come by, and it is expensive as well. There are a lot of poor players out there who pass off cotton or anything as Egyptian cotton. So, if you get Egyptian cotton at a cheap price or cheaper than cotton, I suppose you could use that as a guide. Yeah, it's probably not Egyptian cotton. It's... you've got it, Egyptian cotton is one of those things people say. We've seen stuff that things have been called Egyptian cotton collection, yeah, but it's a collection, it's not the actual material, it's not necessarily Egyptian cotton.

So, you've got to be really careful with, especially Egyptian; it's very controversial. And maybe also, maybe you can explain a little bit of why Egyptian cotton is different from just normal cotton. Egyptian cotton usually has longer threads, the yarn, so it can be cut to be thinner, giving you a long staple. I think they call it that, traditionally. I think I'm pretty sure I'm correct on this. So, you get longer threads, which means you can get finer threads, making it softer and thinner. That's not necessarily always the case, but yeah, that's one feature of Egyptian cotton. They come from particular places in the world that only really grow it. Yeah, and there is documentation. If you get it to be authentic, you can track it back in this documentation.

Same with Organics – organic cotton is the same. There are certificates you get; it's called GOTS, G-O-T-S. This is Organics now I'm talking about, and a lot of organic products will actually have that symbol of the GOTS symbol on the product, meaning that it's genuinely organic or it's all organic. So, Egyptian, there is that the traceability is not as thorough with Egyptian, actually, as it is with the GOTS. That's why it's probably a bit more controversial.

In summary, it's a more luxurious feeling. It's a bit softer. And if you want something maybe even a little bit higher quality, you can just aim for different cotton, but just be careful not to buy it off eBay for 20 bucks or something like that. Yeah, yeah. $20 Egyptian cotton, yeah, yeah, you're probably not even getting cotton. Yeah, so the next question we had was Shane, who asked, 'Does India make sheet sets? I hear Indian cotton is very nice.'

India does make sheet sets, and Indian cotton, I believe, is better than China – better than what comes out of China – but a little bit harder to find. Yeah, I do believe our Olivia range is made out of India. I'm pretty sure Olivia is India; that's the 400 thread count cotton sheet on our website. Our Egyptian cotton ranges come out of China. Yeah, yeah. So, we did have Leanne ask, 'So which is the best quality sheet that you could buy?'

Um... I always think of quality as two things: one is quality in their workmanship and how they've been made well, and the other thing is... is that like that, I suppose, made a similar thing but that they... the material and everything is good – it's a good product as well, good material. So, the Egyptian... our Egyptian cotton range is pretty good. I'd probably put them up at the top. Um, and it depends on the material as well, and see... yeah, most sheets and bedding are made pretty well nowadays, the stuff that you can get in Australia; it's... it's probably well. Most of the stuff we've got is all good quality. Um, but yeah, I suppose you can get some rubbish, but most of our stuff – our stuff – is all good. We don't have it very... very rare we have issues with our... with our products. So, did that answer that question, do you think?

Yeah, um... maybe what's the better... which is the better quality sheet to buy? I think I think also what it comes down to is a lot of, like... it's... you can get good quality any material sheet, if that makes sense."

"And you can get bad quality from any material sheets. So, if you want a cotton sheet set, you can get both bad and good quality. If you want a satin sheet set, you can get both good and bad. It's just about what material, kind of, uh, do you think would work well for your body and for what you're—you know, if it's summer, then you want summer sheets. If it's winter, you want winter sheets. And then buy from someone who actually has high-quality bedding.

Um, you know, not to rat on Kmart; Kmart's great a lot of the time, but often the bedding, you know, you can put your hand up there and see through it, and it's not, you know, the greatest. It's—you get what you pay for. Yeah, it's similar with the Egyptian thing and the same with these bad sheets with that tinsel in them. Tencel adds price because of what it is.

Um, yeah, if you find Tencel, we don't have—I don't think we have. We used to have a little bit of Tencel sheets, like the ones with 100% Tencel. They're quite expensive, they're pricey, they're very soft though, very, very soft, very, very nice, but very high. High quality, high, it's just a high-value thread, really. Yep, yep. We had Jenny ask if you have a king bed that is deep, would you stay with a normal king size or would you go to a Super King if the mattress was deep? Yeah, it depends on how deep, but I would look before I went to the Super King. The Super King is an answer, but before I went there, I would measure the depth of the mattress first and see if you can get a fitted sheet that's got the depth that will suit. Down the depth, but if you really can't find one that big, going up a size is a solution, but it'll be baggy on the mattress, it won't fit the mattress properly. Yeah, it's not ideal. Yeah, it's not—it's not the best, but I've heard people being recommended that. Like, they've—if you've got a weird size, well, a similar example is the long single; you can put a king single on a long single bed, because in the early days, which I already said, that long singles were a bit rare and becoming a bit more popular now. But, um, in the early days, you couldn't find them, so people were putting the king single sheets on there and it was working, but it was just a little bit wider and bit baggy. So, it's a similar scenario with the depth as well. You really want to get it to fit like a glove, so measure the depth and start from that. Yeah, and the good thing about us is we have a very wide range, and so we actually stock 40 centimetre, 50 centimetre, 50. 50 is becoming quite popular nowadays, yep, and also a 60 centimetre for the Kings. Yes, at Kings, Super King, and Queen, we've got in 60 centimetre, but you can have every colour except for white. I mean every colour. What's Henry Ford saying? You can have every colour as long as it's white. Vani got white, yeah, yeah.

Um, so yeah, Henry Ford didn't say white, he said black, actually, but anyway, um, yeah. Jenny also said Kmart is shocking, and we recently purchased 120 bamboo sheets from Spotlight, and they have peeled on the second wash. I've purchased sheets from you guys that were high-priced, um, and many months later, they are still beautiful. So, that's a really good, um, really good review, yeah, yeah, really good comment because, yeah, with what we kind of aim for, you know, it's—we aim for goods, try to keep good stuff, yeah, yeah. Amanda said my long singles from Myelin fit like a glove, which is always good. That's a good one too, yep. The next question we had was from Leanne, who said, 'What thread count is recommended for a warm sleeper?' For a warm sleeper, I would say 400 or 500 thread count and natural fibre, so cotton, bamboo is probably okay, well, it is, uh, linen would work, um, yeah, but natural fibre, 400 thread count because then they'll breathe. 400 is a pretty good all-around, good middle-of-the-road, good breathability, 400, 500. 500 will get you there too, yeah. It's more about—it's less about the thread count and more about the material, I would suggest, um, in terms of your hot sleepiness and breathability while you're sleeping. Yeah, if you're warm, you have bamboo, known to be good for warm sleepers, yeah, that material, and also avoid like the 2000 thread counts and a thousand thread counts and stuff like that because that's—I personally don't find that stuff even comfortable to sleep on normally. Yeah, well, there's more threads, so it doesn't breathe as well, yeah, yeah."

"Yeah, we did have Jody comment saying that she can't keep her fitted sheet on her bed. I've got a king bed and I've used king-size sheets, which pop off in one corner all the time. Then Super King is way too big and sloppy. Is there anything that can be used to keep the king-size fitted sheet in place?"

"That's a similar question to Jenny's. Yeah, I would skip or go rewind two minutes and um, this is the Jenny comment. But yeah, she, I think Jody's saying, 'Is there something you can do to hold the sheet on?' I think that's what she's saying. Yeah, yeah."

"Um, you can, so a bit of string or elastic on each side and tie it up in the middle underneath, if you like. Yeah, but that's a bit of an agricultural way. You might be able to buy clips. We haven't got them. You might be able to buy something that you can clip onto the sheets to hold them under. Um, I'm, we don't have anything like that. Yeah, I don't know, but I haven't seen. Um, I actually miss Jody said she missed it. She was um, she was feeding her face. [Laughter] That's funny. But basically, what we said, Jody was, in your case, buy the correct size sheet and not super. Look for the depth, the wall depth. Yeah, the wall depth."

"Yeah, and then Jenny said, 'Oh, linen, you should talk up your linen sheets. When you first get them, you may think that they are not nice, but as you wash them, they are beautifully soft. I swear by these as a really good sheet for summer if you are a hot sleeper, coming from a menopausal woman.' [Music] Yeah, linen is good. Linen is good for that heat thing as well because it's a natural fibre. And linen, actually, when you buy linen, it's not. I think this is sort of on the back of that previous question about the thread count. Linen is not measured by thread count either. It's not even on the sheets that it specifies. It's made by grams. It's like flannelettes are the same. They're not a thread count. That's not one of their measurements. It's GSM, grams. So, but it's by weight. So, that might mess up that answer I gave before in terms of going for linen, because if you find people selling linen with a thread count, alarm bells, you know? Yeah, it might be a blend. Yeah, yeah."

"We did have Anita ask, 'Can you get the T-shirt sheets as separates? We have a king bed that splits, so needs singles for the bottom and King top sheet. That's a split King.' If you don't think she's talking about a split King, so that long, long single bottoms. Um, but no, no, we don't have that. Not in that T-shirt range. Not in that T-shirt. No, but we do have normal cotton and Egyptian cotton and satins and flannelette and fleece. So, yep, yep, that's if she said it was a king flat, there is a super king size as well that's got two King singles next to each other, but it's still the answer is no. Yeah, yeah, for the bed teas. Yeah, yeah, you could. If it is single bottoms as opposed to Long single, you could, and I wouldn't recommend this, you could buy two single sheet sets and then buy a king sheet set as well, but that's a very expensive option. I wouldn't recommend that. You'd have to really love your T-shirt."

"And if you could upcycle or if you have someone else in the household that has single beds that could benefit from the fitted sheet from the flat sheet that you're not using, yeah, yeah, yeah, that could potentially work. But personally, I just get the proper sheet set for what I need. Um, Odette said you actually save money if you purchase from my linen the minute you walk, sorry, I just hit the mic, you actually save money if you purchase from my win. And the minute you walk into Kmart, you spend hundreds." [Laughter]

"Yeah, I agree. I understand. If I get you, everything's so cheap that you think that you're saving heaps of money, and then you end up with this massive bill at the end. Oh my goodness. All right, well, that's a lot of questions. Yeah, I think we should move on to the bed. If you've got any more questions, we'll answer them after the bed. Yeah, let's do that. We'll have a little bit of a yeah, a bit of a break."