What Colour Towels Suit Your Bathroom?

What Colour Towels Suit Your Bathroom?

Posted by Michelle on Dec 22, 2020


Creating an inspirational bathroom design just like in various interior design magazines or on different Instagram accounts doesn't need to be hard. Selecting a theme for your bathroom and running with it can be quite easy and figuring out the best colours to go with is something that we can help you with.

Selecting the best colour  towels for your bathroom is something that when done correctly, brings an added wow factor to your bathroom. Having a consistent flow and cohesive theme throughout your bathroom really brings that luxury feel and look to your bathroom.

In this blog we will cover some of the more popular bathroom colour themes, and give some recommendations as to what towels we think you should be pairing with your specific bathroom colour scheme.

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Let's take a look at some various bathroom scenarios and explain what our colour picks are and why we think that they will work!

Towels for a beige bathroom

Beige bathrooms are becoming more and more popular, and the colour choices to go with them are quite exquisite. For more beige coloured bathrooms, we recommend  white bathroom linens.

Adding a neutral colour to an already fairly neutral bathroom is what is needed in this instance. The white is a stark contrast to the beige colour theme throughout the rest of the bathroom and sits quite nicely.

We also recommend white  face washershand towels and bath towels or sheets, whichever suits you better.

Towels for a black and white bathroom

Black and white bathrooms have been popular for quite some time now, and are quite modern looking. This requires a modern-looking colour scheme for your towels and something that either blends in or stands out.

If you want to add pops of vibrant colour, we would recommend some  Green towels. Paired with a green plant within the bathroom would really solidify this choice of colour.

If you want to stick more traditional in your choices, going with a similar colour as your bathroom would be best practise. So for a white bathroom, we would recommend  white coloured towels, whereas, for a darker black coloured bathroom, we would recommend grey or black coloured towels.

We also strongly recommend you pair your selected colour towels with  face washershand towels and bath towels or sheets, whichever suits you better. Creating a cohesive story is very important when styling your bathroom.

Towels for a brown bathroom

Brown bathrooms are quite homely, and adding to that feeling of being home is essential with styling the rest of the bathroom. In regards to towels, we recommend  linen or coffee coloured towels. By following the same colour scheme as the rest of your bathroom, you aren't introducing anything that will deter you from the homely feel of the bathroom.

Otherwise, if you wanted to add a contrasting element to the brown bathroom, we would recommend  white coloured towels. It isn't too far of a contrast and fits right in, but adds just enough interest into your bathroom that it's not boring. And no one likes a boring bathroom.

Again, we really do recommend pairing your coloured towels with matching  face washers, hand towels and bath towels or sheets. If you mismatch colours among your towels, you will break the cohesive theme within your bathroom and that is not the best looking way to go about things.

Towels for a grey bathroom

Following a more industrial theme, grey coloured bathrooms are typically following a more elegant and clean minimalist style. To follow along with that, you will want to be following the same colours you are in the bathroom. We can only strictly recommend you choose  grey towels if you have a grey bathroom, unless you have little bursts of colours elsewhere.

If you do, maybe picking up that colour and running with it within your towel colour selection would be a good thing. For example, if you have some plants in your bathroom, you might be able to get away with adding some  green coloured towels.

You would really need the matching face washers, hand towels and bath towels or sheets to complete the look in your bathroom.

Towels for a blue bathroom

If you have a more Hampton styled blue coloured bathroom, we recommend sticking with that theme. Your bathroom probably isn't entirely blue, but it would have blue highlights. We would recommend  blue towels to pair with that room.

Continuing the theme is really a great idea in any bathroom, but in a blue coloured bathroom, continuing the pops of blue in the bathroom linens is a great way to subtly contribute to the Hamptons themed style.

Again, this look wouldn't be complete without the matching face washers, hand towels and bath towels or sheets to just continue the story throughout the entirety of the bathroom.

There are our tips on what coloured towels you should be picking for your bathroom style. We hope you have been inspired to create your best bathroom yet! Let us know your thoughts, did we nail it? Or do you think that we missed something?

If you need any help creating your dream bathroom or if you have any other questions, we have a team of experts ready to help you! You can contact us via email or you can give us a call! You can get our contact details.

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