What Size Pillow Should I Use?

Posted by Michelle on Apr 27, 2021

If you are looking to refresh your bedroom and grab a brand new pillow, this guide is for you! With a wide range of pillows available to you, discovering which size pillow you should use can be quite hard. Let's have a look at the different size pillows and what the differences are and which size is the best for you! 

At My Linen, we stock 5 different size pillows. Ranging from super practical pillows like travel pillows to plump decorative pillows like european pillows, we have all that you need!

We have:
Standard Size Pillows
King Size Pillows
European Pillows
Travel Pillows
V Shaped Pillows

Let's take a look at them!

Standard Pillows

Standard Pillows

Standard Pillows are our most popular range of pillows, and are the perfect choice for the majority of use cases. Standard pillows are predominately used as a supportive pillow while you sleep. With a wide variety of fillings such as feather & downmicrofibre or memory foam, your neck and head will benefit from a supportive size pillow like a standard size pillow

If you are interested in finding out which type of standard pillow is the best for you, you should check out either this pillow blog, or you can try our pillow finder quiz!

Standard pillows are typically anywhere from 60cm to 70cm long, and 30cm to 50cm wide. The depth of standard pillows change from pillow to pillow and predominately depend on the fill material.

You should also refresh your standard size pillow at least once every twelve months so it is definitely worth it to know what pillow you like!

Who Should Get A Standard Size Pillow?

If you are looking for an average sized pillow designed to help you get a supportive sleep, a standard size pillow is perfect! If you are interested in shopping our range of standard pillows, you can see our ;standard pillow range.

King Size Pillows

King Size Pillows

King pillows are one of our newest additions to our catalogue, and is great for larger beds! King size pillows are mainly used as a supportive pillow while you sleep just like a standard size pillow, except it's much larger. We also have a few king pillows with different fill materials like microfibre or down & feather.

King pillows are normally 90cm long and 50cm wide. Again, the depth will depend on the fill material that you are using.

Who Should Get A King Pillow?

If you have a larger bed, such as a king or super king bed, a king size pillow is perfect for you! It will fit nicely and you won't run out of pillow when you are sleeping! If you are interested in shopping our range of king pillows, you can see our king pillow range.

European Pillows

European Pillows

European pillows are our go to choice for the interior designers who absolutely love to decorate their bed! European pillows are predominately used as a decorative pillow and normally has a decorative colour / designed cover. European pillows are typically filled with more simpler fills such as microfibre or feather, and don't have any supportive structure that would assist sleep.

European Pillows are 65cm long and 65cm wide. This perfect square is a great size for some variance in your bedrooms design.

Who Should Get A European Pillow?

If you are looking to add some variance to your bed and have some more decorative elements in your room, check out our european pillow range! If you are interested in shopping our range of european pillows, you can browse our european pillow range.

Travel Pillows

Travel Pillows

Travel pillows have a smaller form factor and are mainly used when travelling! These pillows are mainly used as a supportive pillow for your neck / head when you are travelling. These pillows are typically made out of a super supportive material such as memory foam!

Travel pillows normally come as tailored to fit around your neck , or as a small rectangle pillow no bigger than 30cm long and 20cm wide. This makes it a great choice when on airplanes or other transport where you don't have the luxury of space.

Who Should Get A Travel Pillow?

If you are looking to travel somewhere soon, you should invest in a travel pillow. It will definitely support your neck and head comfortably while you travel. You can see our travel pillow range.

V Shaped Pillows

V-Shaped Pillows

V shaped pillows are shaped, just like the name would suggest, like a V. People typically use a v shaped pillow for support in areas that a normal pillow just won't. If you are pregnant, a v shaped pillow is a great option for you! These pillows are typically made out of more supportive materials such as memory foam.

V shaped pillows have two prongs and have a V shape to them. They are typically 70cm long each way, but will vary depending on the specific pillow you buy.

Who Should Get A V Shaped Pillow

If you are pregnant or like sleeping on your side and want a bit more support, a V size pillow is a great option for you! You can see our range of U-shaped pillows.

Choosing the right size pillow for you is quite simple and we hope you have found this guide quite helpful! If you need any further help in choosing a pillow or want more information, we have a team of experts ready to help! Simply check out our contact details. Or, if you wanted to check out our full range of pillows from memory foam to latex and full range of pillows