Which Sheets Are The Best For Your Skin?

Which Sheets Are The Best For Your Skin?

Posted by Michelle on Aug 10, 2022

Sensitive Skin Sheets

When it comes to bedding, there are close to an endless amount of options for you to choose from when it comes to bed sheets. Which sheet type do I want? What colour do I need to match my room? The list goes on and on, but one of the most pressing questions people have today is which sheets are the best for my skin? While there are many factors to consider, the biggest and most impactful consideration that you need to be aware of is the material used in your new bed sheets.

As we explore further into which materials are better suited for those with easily irritated skin or are simply looking for something to keep their skin looking fresh and healthy, one thing to keep in mind when looking at any bed sheets is to check the weave of the material. Sateen weaves are the best for your skin as they have less fibres exposed that can catch on your skin. This is helpful for people with allergies, but also for people looking to reduce the amount of pulling the sheet has on your skin.

The last thing to remember when shopping online for your new set of skin-friendly sheets, is to measure your bed and make sure that the sheets you are looking to buy will actually fit your bed. All our product descriptions feature accurate sizing information so you know exactly what you are getting when you purchase a new set of bed sheets from My Linen.

Now that is all out of the way, let's take a look at our favourite sheets for sensitive skin!

Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo Bed Sheets

Arguably the most popular choice amongst those looking for a good sheet set for their sensitive skin, bamboo is a naturally anti-allergenic material that helps relieve some of the issues that causes some people's skin to be irritated. Other benefits include things like the fact that most bamboo sheets aren't made with harmful chemicals, which is really good for those with particular sensitivities.

Another big benefit is these sheets are very soft and smooth, featuring that sateen weave I mentioned earlier! That makes this sheet one of the best choices, if not the best choice for those looking to improve their sleep quality and look after their skin!

Here you can find our full range of bamboo sheets.

Linen Sheets

Linen Sheets

Another big issue with bedding is that it can quite hard to find good quality sheets, that are also breathable! A very large irritator of skin is heat, and so the more breathable your bedding is, the better you off you will be! Our linen range of bed sheet sets is really quite amazing. Not only does it feel like you are sleeping in a luxurious getaway in a beachside resort, but these soft sheets are high-quality, making them a favourite among many interior designers!

We would also recommend that if you are considering a cotton bed sheet, but are looking for something just a little bit more luxurious, our linen sheets range is really quite a good option. If your skin is easily irritated by heat, these sheets are for you!

Here you can find our full range of linen sheets.

Satin Sheets

Satin Sheets

We have all heard of the infamous silk sheets, and we all love to describe our favourite soft bedding as "silky smooth", but what does it actually mean to be silky soft? Silk is a material consisting of very fine threads woven in a sateen weave, making silk one of the best materials to use for your bedding. The only problem with this is where silk comes from. Silk is made from milking silkworms, which as you can imagine is quite a tedious process, which makes silk one of the most expensive materials in the world!

That is where satin comes in! It has all the same benefits of silk in regards to it's fine threads, sateen weave and "silky smoothness", but without the massive price tag! There are also satin pillowcases which are a great alternative to the popular mulberry silk pillowcases!

Satin is the best choice for those looking to reduce the amount of friction your sheets have with your skin, which will result in a decrease in wrinkles and will promote healthier skin!

Here you can find our full range of satin sheets.

And there you have it! Those are our top recommendations on the best material for your sheets if you have sensitive skin! If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly team of experts who will be more than happy to help you out!

One last tip before we go, we would strongly recommend if you have easily irritable skin to wash your bedding regularly! This will stop the build up of dust and other allergens that may cause grief with your sensitive skin.