Why Silk Bedding Should Be Your Purchase

Why Silk Bedding Should Be Your Purchase

Posted by Michelle on Jun 17, 2021

Today we have taken a look at why we think you would greatly benefit from having some luxurious silk bedding on your bed! If you have ever been interested in creating the perfect sanctuary for you by introducing some more luxurious feeling items to your  bedroom, this blog post is for you! So let's take a look at why we think you should be looking at silk as your material of choice.

What is the difference between silk and linen?

Silk and linen are both popular choices of materials when it comes to bedding. There are also other popular options such as  cottonflannelette and much more. Silk is an organic material that is woven together with the silk produced by silkworms. Some of our more premium offerings of silk items are made out of mulberry silk. Mulberry silk is created when you feed silkworms exclusively mulberry leaves, which creates a much finer, softer and more luxurious feeling material. Linen on the other hand is made with flax fibres and is woven together to create a breathable, strong and easily absorbent material perfect for those warmer months.

We would recommend if you are looking for luxury, you should consider  silk bedding or linen bedding, it's totally up to personal preference. If you need bedding that is breathable and is good for the warmer months, go with linen. Otherwise, silk is and has always been a classic choice if you want to add a premium feel to your bed.

The benefits of silk bedding.

Silk also has a lot of additional benefits. The natural fibres within the bedding prevent your skin and hair from drying out, leading to smoother wrinkles, no unsightly marks or creases when you wake up after a long nap and good hair that isn't matted or full of split ends. It also does not absorb face creams and other beauty products as easily as other materials do because of the fibres, so a silk pillowcase allows you to make the best out of both worlds! Silk bedding is also easy-care, as it can be machine washable. We always recommend though that you check the care instructions before doing anything.

Now that we understand what silk is and some of the benefits, let's take a look at some popular questions our customers have!

Are silk pillowcases cool to sleep on?

Silk is a naturally breathable material and is also an organic material, which makes it a wonderful material choice for pillowcases. Silk is naturally cool to the touch, and because of the fibers used, can help regulate your temperature better than other material choices.

Are silk pillowcases better?

We sure think so! It all depends on what you are looking for out of your pillowcase. If you are looking for a pillowcase that doesn't damage your hair and helps your skin stay hydrated and fresh looking, while also being breathable and cool to the touch, Silk pillowcases are the option for you! And of course, it's so luxurious feeling I think anyone would be very happy to sleep on a silk pillowcase!

Can silk pillowcases cause acne?

While it has never been proven, silk pillowcases should help reduce your acne. Cotton, the most popular choice of pillowcase, has much larger fibers. This results in more bacteria, dead skin cells and dirt getting trapped in the weave of the material. Constantly sleeping and rubbing your face on this type of material is most likely going to cause you some acne problems. Switching your  standard pillowcase over to a silk pillowcase is most likely a smart move if you suffer from acne.

So there you have it, our thoughts on silk bedding and why we think you are missing out big time if you don't have any! If you are interested in silk bedding, why not take a look at our full range of  silk pillowcases? You can also contact us if you have any further questions!