Winter Quilts & Doonas | Q&A

Winter Quilts & Doonas | Q&A

Posted by Michelle on Jun 27, 2023

Cold Winter nights can be quite frustrating especially when you are too cold to get to sleep! Our range of winter quilts & doonas is the perfect way to make sure you stay cosy and warm this winter, and in this video our owner Ben takes a deeper look at our winter quilts range!

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Deep Dive: Winter Quilts & Doonas

If you've ever been cold during a winter night, it's most likely because of your quilt or doona! We recorded this live on June 15th...

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Exploring Winter Quilts & Doonas

If you are interested, here is the transcript from the video shown above:

I'll try and just explain them a little bit and explain the winter weight part, part of them. Largely, we are in winter, so it's a winter theme tonight. So we're gonna, I'll just talk to you a little bit about it now. With the materials, there's four different types here. We've got the Feathering down, microfiber, bamboo, and a wool, and they all are a little bit different in some respects.

Some people prefer different types of fill. Now, they've all got the cotton japara covers, so that's good for the seepage. The fibres don't seep out. But the different products, bamboo, wool, etc., is what is the filling inside. Now, what determines a winter weight quilt would be around the 500 grams per square meter, so the 500 GSM. That would sort of put you into the, um, the winter weight where you get more insulation with that weight.

But that works for the bamboo, the microfiber, and the wool. But the Feathering down, it's a little bit different because it's feather and down. So depending on the mixture of down to feather, if there's more down, it'll be a bit more insulating. So that allows it actually to be a little bit lighter in weight. So it gets a little bit complicated, you could say, with the Feathering down.

But the, um, so more down will mean more insulation. So actually, we've got a really good in the top. Josh is trying to talk. Sorry, I'm just trying to get Michelle's attention if she can come across the camera. Say hi. Sorry, go on with the show. All right, all right. So we're looking at the 500 GSM split. The Feathering down, there's the down gives you more insulation.

So it allows you to have it a bit lighter weight. So if you're a bit sensitive to weight in your quilt, then Feather and down might be the option. Now, what you can do on our website on the quilt page, the quilt category, there's actually a quiz. It's a really fantastic tool because you answer a bunch of questions, and it'll spit out on the other side what is the best quilt.

There's a couple of offerings of, or might be more than a couple, but offerings of quilts that will suit your what you're after. Some people might not like wool quilt, for example, and so it won't show you any wool at the end of the quiz. So it's a fantastic little tool to use, especially finding pillows and quilts that, and sheets too, I suppose. It works really, really well because you can just refine down by using the quiz.

Now, the other thing that I should mention with quilts, some people, this is more of an aesthetic thing. Some people want to have a quilt that's got a lot of loft in it. Now, you the feather, the feather and the down will sort of vary between, depending on how much, how much feather to down it is because they can be a bit thinner. Same with the bamboo, it's sort of a low loft.

But if you wanted a thick loft for your bed to look plumper, it's more of an aesthetic thing, really, I think. But the higher loft would be the wool and the microfiber. So just if you're thinking along those lines, that might just help you out there a bit as well. I actually like the microfiber for loft. Um, it's quite good, so that's what we've got on this bed. So, and that's what we use there. So the sizes, we've got all the sizes: single, double, queen, king, and super king.

And there's a whole bunch there. Yeah. And yeah. Um, so we have had some comments and questions. We had Amanda say that she purchased the long single last year from us, and she highly recommends them. They're so snuggly. I think she's talking about the long single, the flat sheets. Yeah, yeah. Um, and then she also asked what would be the coolest quilts as I get too hot even in winter. So I would suggest that if you get too hot even in winter, you probably want to go after a summer quilt. Yeah.

The bamboo one will be good, and also 100% cotton. I'm not sure how what our stocks are on that, but they'd be pretty much similar. They're the same sort of thickness. And so either one would be fine. Yeah. Cool for a summer weight. Yeah. And the other thing is natural fibres. Is good because you've got the breathability. Yeah, with the bamboo and the cotton. Yeah, that's right. Yeah.

It'll breathe well. Like if you went to the polyester because you can get the polyester or the microfiber in a summer weight, but that microfiber or the polyester can hold the heat in because it's just not natural. Natural fibres always breathe better. They're just better for that sort of thing. So the coolest would be natural fibres: bamboo or cotton or yeah, anything else you can find that's natural. Yeah. Well, except for this is the interesting thing. I've got a question that I think is potentially largely unanswered by people.

Natural fibres are breathable, but wool is wool breathable. Yeah, to a certain degree. Yeah. There'll be more insulation there, right? Um, but it still breathes. Wool is good for it. They're much thicker, but wool is good for a natural fibre. Also, have a moisture-wicking properties. It helps moisture come away. So wool is, I think, very good for that. Cool. Sounds good. All right, yeah, we've got a couple of people in here saying, uh, Catherine's saying that she's got a wool quilt, and it's toasty warm, which would be correct.

We do also have, which we haven't featured tonight, which I think we might feature in another live sometime soon. We've also got a range of wool blankets. Yes. We might look at that next week. We sort of didn't put everything winter in this show. So we might look at blankets next week. Um, because yeah, because we've got, um, there's wool blankets, microfleece, poly... microfleece blanket, and an electric blanket too.

Right, yeah. And a sherpa. There's one that's got a wool kind of reverse on it. It's velvety. It's very, very soft. Yeah, you like that throw. You'll like these blankets. It's not faux fur, but they're right. Yeah, they're nice and soft. Yeah, yeah. Anyway, that's next week. We'll talk about those next week. Yeah, yeah. And we did just have Rachel say wool is awesome warm in winter and cool in summer. So okay, yeah. That's cool.

Yeah, yeah, just have a look at the website. That quiz is super helpful. Yeah, that'll help. Yeah. We spend a lot of time. You can go through and go back and start again and do it again, and answer the questions different ways. And it's really, really handy. So all right. And we did just have Jody say that she has a super king Sherpa blanket from us, and she absolutely loves it. So okay. Yep. Yep. Yeah, that's the one. The sherpa blankets, yeah, they're really. They're really cool.